Angélica Rivera will return to acting “through the front door”

The return of Angélica Rivera is getting closer, according to her daughter Sofía (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

More than three years away from the cameras and 15 years after she starred in her last telenovela, Angelica Rivera would have already accepted a proposal for return to actingwell Sophia Castro He assured that his mother is almost ready to return to television.

Since Angelica Rivera and the former president Enrique Pena Nieto they announced their divorce, Seagull He has preferred to keep a low profile, not speaking to the press, not returning to soap operas and keeping his social networks private.

However, since last year she has shown more and more openness so that her public can see her, in addition, last February she herself confirmed her return to melodramas, although she did not give a date.

Now it was her daughter Sofía Castro who assured that her mother’s return to televisionn is closer than ever and, even, could not give details of the project in which Angélica is working.

On Thursday, October 20, Sofía Castro attended the premiere event of the telenovela Capeproduced by his father, José Alberto The Guero Castro, in which he had a short meeting with the press and spoke about the career of Seagull.

When asked about when Angélica Rivera’s return to acting will be, Sofía Castro stated that “Very soon, very soon, we’ll see”. To this he added that his mother is in a project with which she is going to return “through the front door”.

“I can’t say anything yet. My mom is very happy, yes, she is going to go back to work. And she’s coming back, now yes, better than ever. He will return through the front doorwell, my mom has always been through the front door”

Although the relatives of the protagonist of distilling love They have rarely talked about the actress’s life away from the screens, recently another of her daughters also confirmed that Angélica was already working on her next project.

It was last September Fernando Castro He confessed that his mother is excited to meet his audience again and soon more details of his return to the screens will be given.

“Yes, my mom is going back to workthey will soon find out, but I am very excited because since I was little I have seen how much she loves her work (…) She has every desire to meet her public again, “said Fernanda in an interview with the magazine TV and novels.

Before this, in February, the actress was caught on camera The fat and the skinny when he went to dinner with his daughter Sofía in Miami, there he exchanged a few words with the press for the first time in the last four years. In this short interview thanked for the support that he still receives from the public and commented that he did have plans to return to acting.

For his part, he Blond Castro has repeatedly mentioned that Rivera had been willing to star in a new telenovela for several months, however, she had not found the right project for her.

Thanks to her daughters' social networks, the public has been able to stay updated on Angélica's life, since she has her networks private (Photo: Instagram/@fernandacastromusica)
Thanks to her daughters’ social networks, the public has been able to stay updated on Angélica’s life, since she has her networks private (Photo: Instagram/@fernandacastromusica)

Likewise, he commented that he did not know if his ex-wife’s return to television would be with one of his productions in Televisabecause to achieve this, he had to get a story worthy of being interpreted by Seagull.

It was in 2019 that Angélica Rivera confirmed that she had divorced the former president of Mexico Enrique Pena Nietoand between different rumors about an alleged infidelity, she took refuge in the United States, while Peña Nieto went to Spain.

Since then, the actress refused to talk about her marriage, about her ex-husband or even about herself.


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Angélica Rivera will return to acting “through the front door”