Andy Vila talks about “The eight steps: famous”: “For me this is growth”

He started on television with 18 years in The noon show, had a show program, Click on the NS channel of Nuevo Siglo, was in Good day, covered the summer season, went through Perfect summer, perfect day and Informal breakfasts before going to Channel 4 with Airplane mode. Currently Andy Vila It is part of the trinomial in front of the magazine Let’s go up (along with Gastón “Rusito” González and Federico Paz), and since Sunday she is the host of the version with “Famosos” of the format The eight steps.

“It is something different from what I have done as a driver. It is a more structured format and different from what I have been doing, it is a challenge and I love it”, says Andy Vila. “It is my second driving in central time after Airplane mode, and although Vamo ‘arriba is an entertainment program, it is more magazine. This is a different program, “adds Vila.

Gustaf, Andy Vila, Julio Frade, Valeria Tanco and Sebastián Beltrame in
Gustaf, Andy Vila, Julio Frade, Valeria Tanco and Sebastián Beltrame in “the eight steps”. Photo: Diffusion

—How did you prepare for a program, you said, “more structured”?

“I prepared myself differently.” I had a lot of support from the channel, and I saw all the programs that had been and had been in the Argentine version, to have the format more incorporated, because the rules have to be clear, you play for money and prizes. Beyond the freshness or imprint that each one can put on it, you cannot fail in the rules that are super strict. It’s structured in that sense, but I feel super good. When we started recording, I already had everything incorporated into the format and the game, but it takes another concentration, it’s different.

“It’s also seeing you in another role.”

-Totally. It is another role, and although it is still television, I am on Channel 4 and part of the colleagues are the same, it is something very different. In addition, being a “famous” edition, many times I already know those who come to participate, but they are also nervous because they have another exhibition. They ask them questions of knowledge, and I appreciate that the participants expose themselves to a question that may be from the school or the high school. You have to have that humility to show yourself from that place, because they don’t remember it, they don’t know it or they get nervous when answering. It is very easy to answer from home, but being there with the lights and nerves, the answers are not so easy. It is seeing the famous in a different place, from vulnerability.

Andy Vila. Photo: Iara Silva
Andy Vila. Photo: Iara Silva

“The program is recorded.” Is it the same as doing live television?

—I’m used to doing live programs, so it’s different but I’m happy about the challenges and being able to continue growing and doing different things. For me this is growth.

-Weekend you asked on social networks to fix the streets of Rocha. Did you imagine the repercussion?

—I finished doing Let’s go up, I got on Twitter and saw everything that was generated. I hadn’t seen it and I didn’t think it was going to be news. I do not regret it at all, because Rocha and other places in our country are full of wells. What yes, the comment does not have any political tinge, at all, because the wells of Rocha have existed since I have known Rocha, and different political parties have passed through there. What I said, more than a comment, is a reality.

Andy Vila
Andy Vila

—You open Twitter and you see that you are a trend, what goes through your head?

—First I want to know what happened, because they are things that one does not expect. You have your social networks and with freshness you are showing things. I use the networks every day and I love them because it is my direct contact with people, and because there I show myself without any type of limits. I say what I think, what I like, what I don’t like, and there is no other type of intention than that. In fact, I’ve been in the media for a long time and I never said who I was voting for, nor did I get into politics. My comments are organic, they do not have and do not want them to have political overtones. I respect public people who give their political orientation, but it seems to me that it can be a problem, because everything you are going to say is going to have a political bias.

“Do you feel that people take you as naive?”

-Can be. Anyway, so much has happened at this point that today I don’t pay so much attention to how I look, but more to living what I am, because the years that I have been in this allowed me to develop my inner part. Our work depends on the public accompanying us, but at the same time being true and true to oneself comes first of all, the rest will come accordingly. I am pending in who I am and in showing myself as I am. I like to be smiling and happy, although I have other defects, thousands.

Andy Vila. Photo: capture
Andy Vila. Photo: capture

A format whose prize is donated to foundations

“That the proceeds go to different foundations, it is the most beautiful thing about the program”, says Andy Vila about the format The eight steps: famous.

The proceeds during the first program went to Unicef, but Vila anticipates that the recipient will change with the editions. “It is also an entertainment format that allows you to play at home, compete as a family and learn, because we do not know all the answers. It seems to me that this is compelling and at the same time it is entertainment because we can talk to the famous person, and sometimes they are accompanied by friends or family, ”he said.

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