Andrés García reveals what led him to stay in bed in a hospital in Mexico

Andrés García with his wife Margarita Portillo

Andrés García with his wife Margarita Portillo

Instagram/ A. Garcia

The octogenarian actor of Dominican origin Andrés García, a legend of Mexican cinema, theater and soap operas for more than half a century, made headlines again when he reappeared on social networks lying in a hospital bed with a listless appearance.

In the image, the former heartthrob heartthrob appears with his wife, Margarita Portillo, who, according to the online magazine People in spanish, made known some time ago in the popular Mexican television program windowingthat Garcia has “a condition in which his spinal cord destroys red blood cells (which causes) that his hemoglobin is very low and he needs transfusions to stabilize a little.”

The legendary actor confirmed under the images published on his networks that his admission was due precisely to the fact that they were giving him a blood transfusion due to the treatment he has been receiving.

“Two units of blood received at the Santa Lucía hospital, to be one hundred percent! Infinitely grateful to Dr. Escudero. To the CP for his help and attention. I also thank the medical staff at the hospital for their hospitality and love,” the actor said. “God save my Mexican idol”, “my prayers are with you” and “God bless him and give him a speedy recovery” are in the long list of expressions of support that his fans wrote to him on the networks.

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Andres Garcia Instagram / Andres Garcia

pophim in Spanish added that since the beginning of the current year the interpreter of The Tycoon, The Body of Desire Y my name is courageamong other successful soap operas, made it known to the media that it was urgent for her to look for a donor because she suffered from a delicate illness.

“My blood is O negative. I can give to anyone and my blood serves them, it serves anyone, but only the one with O negative, “clarified the artist.

Regarding the proximity of death, García has stated on more than one occasion that he will die alone, since everyone knows that he does not have a good relationship with his children, the actor Leonardo García and the presenter, model and actress Andrea García.

“I’m going to die alone,” he said during an interview with the program Red Hotof the chain Telemundo. “I am preparing myself because it is a natural process, I do not want to fall into the panic of death, I am trying to establish a relationship with death. I perceive and talk to her almost every day (and) I ask her, what will the meeting be like?

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Andrés García reveals what led him to stay in bed in a hospital in Mexico