Andrés García revealed the illegal substance he had used since he was young: it seriously affected his health

“A life well lived, he has done what he wanted, he has enjoyed and has transcended. Not just anyone. He has to learn to make peace with himself.”

The good life that Andrés García enjoyed for years was full of parties and excesses, which in the long run have taken a toll on his health, such as being diagnosed with cirrhosis, the last phase of chronic liver disease.

According to the Mayo Clinic, among the main causes of this condition that affects the liver is excessive alcohol. However, the actor from the Dominican Republic believes that the use and excess of other harmful substances also caused and aggravated his medical condition.

Andrés García told what illegal substances he used when he was young

The 81-year-old actor is aware that alcohol consumption has been constant in his life for decades, according to his statements on the “Ventaneado” program on July 19, 2022.

“When I was young, no tequila escaped me. If I spent 30 years easy at parties and parrandas”.

However, tequila and other alcoholic beverages were not the only things he consumed without measure during his years of partying.

“I didn’t just drink tequila either… I committed many excesses.”

The actor expressed at first that his experience with illegal substances contemplated a wide range of options.

“Of everything and without measure. Substance, substance and substance”

However, there was a favorite combination that reigned in his years of partying: alcohol and cocaine, an illegal drug that he tried in his early twenties and has since become a regular consumer.

“He combined tequila, perico [cocaína]… Between the ages of 20 and 25, they gave it to me to try it and I liked it”.

Andrés García warned that he does not share his experience with cocaine with the desire that others also venture to try them: he pointed out that this type of substance aggravated his cirrhosis.

“I enjoyed it for many years, but it’s not for you guys to be doing it, because in the long run it gives you cirrhosis, it’s the first thing that kind of drug rubs you.”

The actor stressed that fortunately he no longer uses cocaine, however, the excess with this and other substances has already had a serious impact on his health.

Cirrhosis, falls and recent hospitalization are some of the most recent medical problems Andrés has suffered. However, cirrhosis stands out as the condition that has affected him the most, mainly because of the weakness it causes, which, in turn, has caused several of his recent falls and blows.

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Andrés García revealed the illegal substance he had used since he was young: it seriously affected his health