Andrea Rincón spoke about her experience with ayahuasca and how she reacted at that moment

The actress Andrea Rincon was one of the guests on a new broadcast of PH: We can talk, the cycle of prime time of Telefe’s Saturdays hosted by Andy Kusnetzoff. As is often the case at the so-called “Meeting Point”, celebrities come to the front when they feel challenged by a question from the driver that motivates them to share very intimate stories.

In the case of Rincón, after hearing the slogan “[que pasen al frente] who spent the night in a strange or unusual place”, he indeed decided to take that step and recounted how he lived his experience with ayahuasca and revealed: “I saw the most painful thing in my life”. The guest contextualized that moment, which dates back to when she was not yet famous and was about to enter the reality show Big Brother, program that changed her life forever and made her an extremely popular figure.

“I had ayahuasca nights, it was before entering the house of Big Brother and I really saw the most painful thing in my life, I cried from start to finish. It is an experience with natural plants, I was very small at that time, all my friends were older and I told them that I wanted to do it and they told me no, to stop swelling, “he pointed out to the actress and continued with his story. “I was 21 years old, but everyone told me to think about what I wanted to treat and I just came from a separation from a couple who hit me a lot for a long time, and I said, ‘Well, I’m going to rip this guy off,'” the actress recalled, regarding what prompted her to live that experience.

According to your words, what happened was not how he had imagined it at first. “The least I thought is that … I don’t know, like she cried, cried and cried and the man asked me: ‘Chiquita, who hurt you so much?’ and I wanted to tell him to leave me, but at the same time I couldn’t speak, ”Rincón expanded.

“At that moment, two guys started fighting over me. They were fighting and I was in a sleeping bag, an incredible thing, but at one point that ended, and when it was over, suddenly one passed by and told me that an elf had passed and given me flowers, “he added. .

Two months later, Rincón was accepted after doing a casting for Big Brother. “I entered the program and also gave a subject that I had, that changed me, but I cried a lot,” concluded the actress, who also spoke of a long-distance relationship that she recently experienced.

“The last person I was with lived in Spain. I never met him personally, it was during the quarantine ”, said the actress between laughs, while his friend and former colleague Master Chef Celebrity, Juansealso invited to the apartment, shared the appreciation he had of the man when he saw him virtually for sharing days with Andrea.

“I told him that this boy was missing his legs, I asked him to tell him to get up and walk to see if he was complete, because he was always lying down, he did nothing, so much so that in three months I did not see him in another position. that on his side and he didn’t even sleep, he was like lazy, “said the musician.

Rincón assured that it was positive that this long-distance relationship did not prosper because it was a very suspicious person and that it had not been to his liking. “A person got in the way and told him that I had done things that weren’t true and he didn’t believe me, so I said ‘thank goodness,'” said the actress, who never made an appointment.

“Many years ago I was wrong about a person who was unfaithful and I promised that I would never do that again,” said Rincón, who She confessed to being “very fearful” in relationships, so it was no coincidence that she wanted to take a step with someone who was far away. “I think what attracted me was that I hadn’t been in a relationship for a long time, I wasn’t ready, but at least I was able to move forward with someone, even if it was from a distance,” the actress rescued.

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Andrea Rincón spoke about her experience with ayahuasca and how she reacted at that moment