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starwars it is one of the few film franchises that will never die. Even in those years when it was impossible to release movies, the story managed to find its way into other formats such as animated series and comics, always starting from that universe that george lucas I think. The exclusive Disney + series have changed the landscape for the saga in many ways. After the recent trilogy with daisy ridley Y Adam Driver caused quite a fracture among fans, the streaming titles proved that it was not time to give up just yet. Andor It is the new Lucasfilm proposal and the first opinions already consider it the best in this world.

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After the MCU popularized a way to deal with franchises, many wanted to join and follow that pattern. In case of starwars It was always complicated, because the story was technically finished from the first trilogy with Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford Y Carrie Fisher, but the canon was incredibly vast and increasingly complex. Subject matter experts followed every post and proposal to feed their taste, and the most recent trilogy was meant to be part of that, but in an attempt to freshen things up and leave a new legacy, nostalgia was shown to be a much more intense emotion. among the spectators.

Although the attempt is not entirely despised, a better alternative was definitely found with the exclusive series, something that became clear with The Mandalorian- 90%. The story seamlessly blended the best of the past with new characters and ideas that weren’t allowed to make such dramatic alterations either. Now what Andor arrives on the platform, there is talk of a new step for the saga in this format and that is that the story seeks to be closer to political thrillers and noir films than to action films with an emphasis on lightsabers.

Andor is a spin-off prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos85%one of the most recognized and praised spin-offs of starwars. The series focuses on the character played by diego moon years before he became a major representative of the Rebel Alliance. In this context, Cassian Andor simply wants to survive, so he learns great tricks to steal and cheat, as well as knowing the system between the high command of the Galactic Empire. This program also has the participation of Stellan Skarsgård, Adriana Arjona, Genevieve O’Reilly Y Fiona Shaw.

The first opinions about Andorwhich will premiere its first episodes on September 21, praise the rhythm, the atmosphere, the performances and that it maintains all those aspects that made it rogue one one of the public favourites.

I am absolutely blown away by Andor’s audacity. We often have to say “Star Wars has always been political” to counter people who deny that fact. Well, this show is actively angry at people who deny it. Bold, timely, raw and extremely thoughtful. A powerful job.

So far, I’ve only seen the first two episodes of Andor, but it’s a very different and great flavor of Star Wars. I like this new point of view in this galaxy.

I’ve seen the first 3 episodes of Andor and I say this with the utmost conviction: this is going to be the series that takes me back to Star Wars. Andor introduces new and memorable characters, as well as an intriguing arc for Andor. And he actually has something to say! Episode 3 is spectacular.

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If you like Rogue One for all of those things that it’s not a typical Star Wars movie, then you’ll probably like Andor for many of the same reasons. It’s a slow burning character drama. Diego Luna is excellent and after the first four episodes I am excited to see where he goes next.

Now that Andor’s embargo has been lifted, I can say that it’s easily the most cinematic of the Star Wars series yet. The first three episodes should have been presented as a 90-minute episode. The breaks are very random, but it’s a great episode!

Andor reminds us that in a rebellion, EVERYONE MATTER! We experience people at all levels of this galactic conflict dealing with the messiness that delimits action and heroism. Deep, high, and so many unexpected places in between. It could be my new favorite Star Wars series.

Andor is unlike any other Star Wars story. Diego Luna is at the center of a world that is dazzling, dangerous and in crisis. It’s raw, mature, and the smartest, most well-informed story we’ve had to date. Tony Gilroy is a genius.

I watched the first four episodes of Andor! I’m definitely intrigued by the direction of the story, but the 12-episode format really has me looking forward to it. Great performances and slow build so far, can’t wait for the rest!

Andor is what Star Wars needed: a small glimpse into the full storytelling potential of this brand. Very content and independent. It develops as a series of slow-burn events. Consumed with intrigue in the big picture. Only criticism: occasional unsteady rhythm. Priority viewing.

Apparently it’s “we’re all going to talk about how we’re surprised Andor is really good” on point! Add me to the list, she’s pretty good, like spy and film noir. The entire opening sequence is great, sleazy and raw. Good material!

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Andor: First reactions say that she is the most intelligent, political and mature of the entire saga | tomatoes