‘And Just Like That’, everything you need to know before the premiere of the return of ‘Sex and the City’

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More than 10 years after the premiere of the second film sequel to the series Sex in New York, Carrie Bradshow, Miranda y Charlotte (this time without samantha) with And Just Like That a HBO Max. A long-awaited reunion to see how lives, their friendship and their relationship with sex are going in the cosmopolitan Big Apple, which will be one more nostalgic exercise in the fashion of the revivals, remakes Y reboots that flood Hollywood, but necessary to remove the bad taste in our mouths left by that infamous 2010 film.

The series created by Darren Star was revolutionary at the time, and a foundational piece in HBO’s brand image, but it has always been one of the forgotten ones on the best lists because was issued in the shadow of The Sopranos. Now, we have the opportunity to meet again with the characters who broke the mold in female representation at that time and for new viewers to get closer to his legacy.

Kim Cattrall will not be present, but Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon Y Christine Davis will recover the characters that made them icons all over the planet in a project coordinated by Michael Patrick King, who was he showrunner of almost all the seasons of the series, and also director and screenwriter of the two films that continued its plots. King has been able to take stock of what didn’t go well in the movie sequelsEspecially in the one in which the friends travel to Abu Dhabi, more than two hours of footage that fans have chosen to erase from their memories, but which are canon in history.

This is the complete guide to where we left off in the latest movie from Sex in New York and what can we expect from And Just Like That.

Carrie and Mr. Big in ‘Sex and the City: 2’ (2010)

What happened to the three protagonists the last time we saw them

Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte were still married to M. Big, Steve, and Harry, respectively. Carrie and John decided not to have children, but Miranda has one and Charlotte two girls, one of them adopted. At the end of Sex in New York: 2, the 2010 movie, they all have happy and stable relationships.

Miranda found a new job at a law firm where she felt valued, Charlotte he was able to keep his favorite babysitter and Carrie published a new book, this time about life as a couple. Although theirs went through some troubles as they found their own way to enjoy the togetherness, and a confessed slip with Aidan, by the end of the movie John and Carrie are happy and eating partridges.

And Just Like That | Teaser | HBO Max

La premisa de ‘And Just Like That’

HBO Max has not released any synopsis for the season and has not yet sent episodes in advance to the press. What we know, for now, is that we will follow Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte in a new stage of their lives, Now 50, in New York City. According to Sarah Jessica Parker in recent interviews, the series will refer to the coronavirus crisis, although no further details have been given in this regard.

Which characters return

Although Kim Cattrall will not be playing Samantha (and no details have been given of how her absence will be justified in the series), the participation of the most important secondary of the series has been confirmed. The three actors who play the couples of the leading friends return. Chris Noth will play once again John (Mr. Big), David Eigenberg come back as Steve Brady and Evan Handler will continue as Harry Goldenblatt.

David Eigenberg, Cynthia Nixon and Evan Handler on the set of 'And Just Like That'.

David Eigenberg, Cynthia Nixon and Evan Handler on the set of ‘And Just Like That’.

Also returns John Corbett, like Aidan, and they will be Willie Garson like Stanford Blatch with her husband, Anthony Marentino, played by Mario Cantone, after his wedding in the 2010 film. Garson passed away last September, but he left his scenes recorded and the series has decided not to refer to his death in fiction. Although the participation of Natasha, Mr. Big’s second wife in the series, the actress who played her, is not official, Bridget Moynahan, was seen on the set.

The children have grown

Brady, Miranda and Steve’s son, who we saw win an elementary school science award in the last movie, is now a teenager with a girlfriend. They will be interpreted by Niall Cunningham (Life in Pieces) Y Cree Ciccino (Mr. Iglesias).

Charlotte and Harry’s daughters are no longer babies too. Lily, adopted in the series finale in 2004, will be played Cathy Ang (Over the Moon) and Rose, conceived in the first film, will give life Alexa Swington (Billions).

New characters

New characters in 'And Just Like That'.

New characters in ‘And Just Like That’.

Sara Ramirez, the actress who played Callie for several seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, will be a recurring character in the series. His character, Che Díaz, is queer and non-binary, he does comedy monologues and hosts a podcast in which Carrie makes regular appearances.

Sarita Choudhury (Little Fires Everywhere) will be Semma Patel, a Manhattan real estate agent; Nicole Ari Parker (Chicago P.D.) will play Lisa Tood Wexley, a documentary director with three children and Karen Pittman (The Morning Show) will be Nya Wallace, a law professor. Christopher Jackson (Hamilton) will play Wexley’s husband, while LeRoy McClain will play Wallace’s.

Also joining the cast are Isaac Powell, Brenda Vaccaro, Gloria Marquettem, Ivan Hernandez and Jon Tenney.

Who are behind the scenes

Michael Patrick King has added Samantha Irby, Keli Goff, Rachna Fruchbom, Julie Rottenberg and Elisa Zuritsky to his writing room. Among the directors will be King himself, along with Gillian Robespierre (Obvious ChildAnu Valia (The Other Two, Yo nunca), Nisha Ganatra (Late Night) and Cynthia Nixon, one of the protagonists of the series.

Will there be more seasons?

The showrunner has stated in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that the season he has written does not leave cliffhangers, which always has an end in mind but which, of course, the story could continue if everyone involved wanted to.

The first episode of And Just Like That ‘will hit HBO Max on December 9. The remaining eight will premiere weekly every Thursday.

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