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Viewers who love to watch Ana Patricia Gamez on the screens they have a pleasant surprise. The television presenter returned to “Enamorándonos” after eight months of her resignation.

This decision was made because, apparently, Karina Banda is infected with Covid-19 and the Unimás production urgently needed a replacement who was familiar with the program.

This past Friday was the last show of the season of “Falling in love”, so they will take a short break regarding the holidays before starting the new episodes.

Let us remember that Migbelis Castellanos, one of its presenters, was infected with the coronavirus and now, Karina Banda seems to have also tested positive.

For this reason, Rafael Araneda would lead this last show without any partner, but the production decided to look for someone else.

Ana Patricia revealed on her Instagram account how was the moment when she was asked to return to the program. According to her narration, she was recording one of her chapters of “Sin Filtros”, as her podcast is called, when she received a call from the producers asking her if she would be willing to replace the beloved entertainer, Karina Banda. Without hesitation, he said: “yes, yes.”

Today while I was recording my Podcast I received a call with an invitation that I could not refuse ❤️ Accompany my dear @RafaAraneda in @EnamorandonosUsa 🥰 we had a good time! I hope you had as much fun as I did!”, He expressed on the social network.

Tragic resignation

It was eight months ago, specifically in April of this 2021, that the television presenter decided to give up the Unimás reality show “Falling in love” because she did not want to miss more moments with her beloved young children, Giulietta and Gael.

According to what she said at the time, she wanted to stay focused on her business and other professional projects. Despite the fact that she made the announcement in April, it was in June that she said goodbye to the viewers who love her so much and introduced the Mexican Karina Banda, who participated in “El Gordo y La Flaca” with Raúl de Molina and Lili Estefan.

Karina Banda is sick

Although she has not yet confirmed the result of the Covid-19 test, Karina Banda confirmed that she is ill with symptoms that keep her in bed.

Until now, he remains absent from social networks while his followers are waiting for the results.

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Ana Patricia Gámez returned to ‘Enamorándonos’ to replace Karina Banda – La Vibra