Ana Patricia Gámez exposes Univision: with her first salary as a TV host it was not even enough to pay the rent

Ana Patricia Gamez has returned to television. And again she is the star host of Falling in love with Rafael Araneda. For many her arrival has been a blow, since Karina Banda held that position, and now she is out of this project. She is currently the host of The Island of Falling in Love, and this, according to comments, she has not liked at all since the rating of the program now hosted by Ana Patricia fails to recover its good rating.

Her return caused many to accuse her of having done it for money. And it is that when he retired he said that he did it to see his children grow up, to give priority to his family. That was nine months ago. Hence, many did not believe in her driver, and accused her of taking Karina Banda’s job.

Ana Patricia has defended herself by telling everything. Revealing that it was the network that contacted her to offer her to come back. Revealing that she renegotiated her contract and not for more money, but for time. She wanted to make things clear and keep the time she would spend with her children as a priority, if they could convince her to come back. She said that she didn’t take anyone’s job.

Now, after exposing the reason that made her come back, and revealing private aspects of her new contract. Ana Patricia Gámez exposes her salary again. She plus she does not expose her current salary, but that of her beginnings on television. And it is that after winning Nuestra Belleza Latina, Univision paid her $577 dollars fortnightly, as a host. This makes many wonder how much they are paying Sirey Morán, the current Honduran winner of Nuestra Belleza..

What did Ana Patricia do with the Nuestra Belleza Latina award?

Of course, when telling this, she remembers that as the winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina she pocketed $250,000 dollars. He explains that with rent deductions he received less, but it was still a lot of money. Ana Patricia Gamez He has made all these strong revelations in his podcast ‘Ana Patricia sinfilter’, there he said that with his first salary he was not even enough to pay the rent. She also said that with the money she earned she was able to help her family in Mexico.

He explains that that first salary was changing over time, but he asserted that it is not that in his next raise he received much more.

With all this economic conversation, with this revelation about the salary she received at the beginning of her career and showing that currently she does not earn better doing television, than with her businesses off the screen, the host of Falling in love USA affirms that she returned to the small screen because this profession is his passion.

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Ana Patricia Gámez exposes Univision: with her first salary as a TV host it was not even enough to pay the rent