Ana Mena gives us the keys to ‘Welcome to Eden’, her new series on Netflix

Ana Mena He is one of our brightest stars. A tireless worker since she was a child, she has not only grown up as a singer and dancer, but has also been a regular at talent shows, television sets, as well as series and movies. After a few years of success and projection, capitalizing on the main streaming charts in Spain and Italy with singles such as One step from the moon and an unexpected kiss, or to get the premio LOS40 Music Awards 2021 for Best Artist From 40 to 1, he now takes a career turn to launch Light music.

To talk about this beautiful version, Eurovision, Rosalía and her projects, she was recently at LOS40 in an interview that you can already see on During the talk, Ana Mena also revealed some details of her next great work: her participation in the series of Netflix Welcome to Eden. The malagueña thus recovers her facet as an actress and he does it by getting involved in this great audiovisual project.

“I found out from friends that they were casting for a series for Netflix and I had long wanted to resume acting in a project that would allow me to combine it with music.” explains the singer. “I did a series of castings, all at a distance.”

What will this series be like?

We know for sure that it will be a choral series in which a multitude of characters appear. Ana Mena will be accompanied in this series by people like Amaia Salamanca, Amaia Aberasturi, Belinda, Lola Rodríguez, Berta Vázquez or Sergio Momo, among others.

“Things happen that upset you and that is the magic of this series, which never ceases to amaze you”, Ana Mena told LOS40. “We are many protagonists, many young actors and each one brings his personal plot. The script is a gift, I think there is nothing like it so far.”

We will be able to see the result predictably in 2022, and although there is still no official release date, Ana’s assessment of this series is very good: “It has been a spectacular experience, I have taken a lot of friends from this series and people are going to hook them ; the acting level of this series is spectacular “.

About his character in Welcome to Eden

Confidentiality carries a lot of weight in this type of project. “I can’t tell anything”, the artist repeats over and over to our questions, until finally she gives us some detail about her character in the series: “It’s very funny,” she advances.

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Ana Mena gives us the keys to ‘Welcome to Eden’, her new series on Netflix