Ana María Polo: a new version of “Case closed”, the project that Dr. Polo is developing

When it comes to female lawyers, it is impossible for the name of do not float. The Puerto Rican has built a successful television career for more than two decades, when the show premiered “”On April 2, 2001. In the program broadcast by Telemundo, Polo had the position of arbitrator who resolved disputes between the litigants. This reality show lasted four years, until its name was changed.

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It is in 2005 that “Couples room” is renamed “Case closed”, also presenting a modification in its format. The show became one where the audience is educated on various topics related to law.

After 17 years on the air, “Case closed” It stopped broadcasting in 2021, because the recordings were paralyzed by the pandemic. Many thought that the end of the program had come; however, in a recent interview the lawyer revealed her new plans.

Ana María Polo in “Caso Closure”, the program that brought her international fame (Photo: Ana María Polo / Instagram)


In statements to him , where Ana María Polo He spoke about his Christmas customs, he also revealed that “Case closed” it will continue its broadcasts but in a different way. The lawyer highlighted how much her life changed thanks to the program, something she never imagined:

“The program has been seen in Morocco, South Africa, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua and other parts of the world that I never dimensioned.”

Likewise, he revealed that he is planning a new version of the show, in the hands of great guides: “I am currently working with several major producers to somehow bring back a refreshing and more up-to-date version of Case Closed. We will see what happens, but we are working on that ”.

This means good news for the followers of the reality show, which accumulates millions of followers around the world.


Christmas is a very special date that unites all people and that, traditionally, is characterized by the fact that people receive some gifts. At this time, many also express their heartfelt wishes.

In that sense, the “Dr. Polo”Was no exception and from his home in Miami he appeared with his brothers Alina and Jack, and a group of friends. There Ana María Polo made a peculiar wish.

“Le I have asked Santa that if he has power to eliminate the pandemic, that somehow we can all unite as humanity and work with science towards the cure of this disease that has somehow paralyzed us and changed our character“Said the lawyer.

Ana María Polo drove for many years "Case closed" (Photo: Ana María Polo / Instagram)
Ana María Polo led “Case closed” for many years (Photo: Ana María Polo / Instagram)


Ana María Polo also ruled on what is the meaning of the Christmas and how you celebrate it with your loved ones.

For me, Christmas means the memory of my religious principles and the birth of Jesus Christ (…) this time should not be based so much on gifts and decorations, but rather on taking advantage of the opportunity to meet people that I don’t see much during the year to talk about how our lives have passed and what we have learned“, I note.

He points out that as part of his memories are that he met with his family and his father sang on those dates. As part of Dr. Polo’s dinner, she is used to eating roast suckling pig, white rice, as well as black beans, yucca with mojo, among other foods.

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Ana María Polo: a new version of “Case closed”, the project that Dr. Polo is developing