‘All the times we fell in love’: Netflix’s romantic comedy for Valentine’s Day

              The beginnings of a career in audiovisuals are always decisive in the development of new projects. The experience and creative style begin to be forged from the first works and, in the case of Carlos Montero (The mess you leave), a screenwriter who has been able to contribute to projects as diverse as The commissioner, The time between seams either apaches, It could not be otherwise. Throughout his career as a scriptwriter we have seen him especially interested in the life of adolescents, since he has participated in Afterclass and has been the creator of Physics or chemistry, Elite Y Fair: the darkest light. So it is not surprising that His latest project, which premieres on Netflix, also focuses on young people, as we can see in All the times we fell in love, which will be released internationally as meet cute.

              Directed by matthew gil (Midas’ Favorites), Charlotte Pereda (little pig), Barbara Farre (selftape) Y Ginesta Guindal (Elite), All the times we fell in love is an eight-episode romantic comedy and, with love at the center of the plot, Netflix couldn’t think of a more deserved release date than Valentine’s Day. Yes, Tuesday February 14 is the day chosen to learn the story of Irene and Julio, although we offer you a small preview.

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              All the times we fell in love: cast and synopsis of the premiere series on Netflix

              September 2003. Irene arrives in Madrid wanting to conquer the world and become a film director. There she will meet her best friends and also Julio, who would be the perfect protagonist for her movies and also for her life. But life always has other plans. Like any popular fiction coming of age (stage of passage to adult life) we will see the protagonist’s personality flourish, her vital and professional learning through studies and her friendship and romantic relationships.

              All the times we fell in love It is, in the vein of a romantic comedy, a bright story with a touch of nostalgia about love, the friendship that is forged in college years and the need to find your place in the world. To reflect all this evolution, the series has Georgina Amorós (Elite) as the protagonist and Franco Masini (Rebel) as a romantic interest, although they are also accompanied Albert Salazar (The boarding school: Las Cumbres), Carlos Gonzalez (Lost Fagot), Blanca Martinez Y Roser Vilajosana (those in the tunnel).

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      ‘All the times we fell in love’: Netflix’s romantic comedy for Valentine’s Day