All the premieres of Netflix Spain in June 2021

Like every month, Netflix premieres arrive full of new content to continue adding movies and series to the catalog. On this occasion, they are some of the most famous series on the platform, such as Elite, those that return with new seasons.

Also added to the catalog are some major Netflix premieres in the movies section, such as the long-awaited Xtremo. Daggers in the back, what until now it was only available in Amazon also becomes part of the Netflix premieres and, without a doubt, it is one of the strongest contents of an atypical month of June for the platform.

They keep missing each other great exclusive contents of weight and route, since everything seems to indicate that Netflix is ​​saving its great letters for the arrival of autumn and 2022. Names like those of Stranger things, and the last season of The Money Heist These are the great releases that, for the moment, the service reserves for the future.

All Netflix releases in June


  • The blue lake, released on June 1.
  • Honey, released on June 1.
  • Carnival, released June 2.
  • Infinite as space, released June 2.
  • Cousin Che La Notte, released June 2.
  • Her name is Dona Rosa, released June 2.
  • Who is free from sin, released June 2.
  • You don’t play with the stars, released June 2.
  • Nour, released June 2.
  • Fight for us, released June 2.
  • A freed wife, released June 2.
  • Maly Jakub, released June 2.
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal, released on June 3.
  • Dancing Queens, released on June 3.
  • Sweet and sour, released on June 4.
  • The Kandasamy: The Journey, released on June 4.
  • A Ghost Story, released on June 7.
  • Happy death day, released on June 7.
  • Tragic jungle, released on June 9.
  • Rainy day in New York, released on June 11.
  • The Skater, released on June 11.
  • Once upon a time in hollywood, released on June 13.
  • The House of Terror, released June 15.
  • Kidnapped: The Lisa McVey Truth, released June 15.
  • Be dad, released on June 18.
  • The House of Flowers: The Movie, released on June 23.
  • Daggers in the back, released on June 29.

Series and other Netflix premieres

  • Super Monsters: Once upon a time there was a monster, released on June 1.
  • Rich women in Atlanta Seasons 3-4, premiere June 1.
  • Married to Medicine: Atlanta Season 2, premiere June 1.
  • Elvis Presley: Tireless Seeker, released on June 1.
  • Startup (Money in gestation) complete series, released in June.
  • Warrior souls, released on June 1.
  • Married to medicine, released on June 1.
  • Three meters above the sky: The series Season 2, premiering June 3.
  • Alan Saldaña: ​​Imprisoned, released on June 3.
  • The best of Japanese creators, released on June 3.
  • Feel good Season 2, premiering June 4.
  • The 100 Season 7, premiering June 9.
  • Fried, fresh and crispy, released on June 9.
  • Locombians, released on June 10.
  • Trese, released on June 11.
  • Lupine Part 2, released June 11.
  • Working mothers Season 5, premiering June 15.
  • The universe in verse Season 2, premiering June 15.
  • Black summer Season 2, premiering June 17.
  • Katla, released on June 17.
  • Elite Season 4, premiering June 18.
  • Playing with fire Season 2, premiering June 23.
  • The naked director Season 2, premiering June 24.
  • Godzilla: Singular Point, released on June 24.
  • The A List Season 2, premiering June 25.
  • Sex and Life, released on June 25.
  • Black lightning Season 4, premiering June 29.