All the premieres in January 2022 of Amazon, Filmin and Disney +: ‘Vox Machina’, ‘Eternals’, ‘Palm Springs’ and more

A new animated series based on ‘D&D’ and with an unexpected origin, romantic loops in time and the latest from Marvel. The year has started warm for streaming platforms and nothing better than a look at the programming for this month of Disney +, Amazon Prime Video and Filmin to check.

Amazon Prime Video: new movies, series and documentaries

‘Vox Machina’

Action and adventure to the nth degree with a classic role setting and an unusual origin: ‘Critical Role‘, an American web series that began airing in 2015 and in which a group of voice actors gathered to play ‘Dungeons & Dragons’. The first season reached 115 episodes and the second, which ended a few months ago, 141. Now they are embarking on the start of the third, but it will be the first of them that will inspire this series, initially for two seasons on Amazon Prime Video.

Premiere on January 28

Other Amazon Prime Video releases

  • ‘After. Lost Souls’ (03/01)
  • ‘Garcia and Garcia’ (01/05)
  • ‘The Tender Bar’ (7/01)
  • ‘The last great scam’ (01/14)
  • ‘Hotel Transilvania: Transformania’ (14/01)
  • ‘The Ice Road’ (21/01)
  • ‘As We See It’ (21/01)
  • ‘Simeone: Live match by match’ (01/26)
  • ‘The English Spy’ (01/27)
  • ‘This Is Us’ T5 (27/01)
  • ‘Vox Machina’ (28/01)

Disney +: new movies, series and documentaries


Undoubtedly, the most discussed movie in the MCU, and it is not for less: its irregular rhythm and the unusualness of its protagonists has given rise to one of the lukewarm collections of the franchise, which may lead Disney to rethink the direction of its next films. At the moment you can check for yourself if the complaints were deserved or not, with the landing of the film on the Disney platform.

Premiere on January 12

Other premieres on Disney +

Filmin: new films, series and documentaries

‘Palm Springs’

One of the best movies of 2021, which has been making a tour of different platforms of streaming now comes to Filmin included in the basic subscription: a romantic comedy with very bad drool and echoes of ‘Trapped in Time’, but with a couple who already know how loops work. Magnificent setting, deep missiles to the waterline of the genre and an unbeatable couple Performed by Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti.

Other premieres in Filmin

  • ‘Her’ (1/12)
  • Palm Springs‘ (1/12)
  • ‘Big Fish’ (1/12)
  • ‘Misery’ (1/12)
  • ‘Thelma y Louise’ (1/12)
  • ‘Jackie’ (1/12)
  • ‘Fright Night’ (1/12)
  • ‘War Games’ (1/12)
  • ‘David Lynch: The Art Life’ (1/12)
  • ‘Cursed Cargo’ (1/12)
  • ‘Manhunt: The Night Stalker’ (11/12)
  • ‘Ice Road’ (21/12)
  • ‘Benedetta’ (21/12)
  • ‘Lady’ (1/12)
  • ‘The Vigil’ (28/12)
  • ‘The magic of sound in the cinema’ (12/28)

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All the premieres in January 2022 of Amazon, Filmin and Disney +: ‘Vox Machina’, ‘Eternals’, ‘Palm Springs’ and more