All the news that Disney + has presented at ‘Disney + Day 2021’

A veritable avalanche of novelties, sequels, reboots and new productions for the remainder of 2021 and all of 2022. Long-awaited titles, first images and trailers and a few surprises that you have listed below. This is what he has given of himself (yes, do not expect big revelations or surprise trailers) on the big day of Disney+.

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

New movie from the prehistoric franchise, now entering jurassic terrain with some of the secondary characters popularized by the film. Premiere on January 28.


The protagonist of ‘Big Hero 6’, in his own series where he will take advantage of very special sense of humor of the film with more everyday adventures for this unexpected plump and synthetic hero. Summer 2022.

Cheaper by the dozen

A new film of the large family domestic comedy ‘Twelve at Home’, who knows if again with Steve Martin on board. For March 2022.


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Sequel to the film that almost fifteen years ago unleashed the fever for live-action remakes of classic Disney style. Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey are back, and to celebrate, Disney + today uploads the first installment, ‘Enchanted: Giselle’s Story’, to its platform today. Autumn 2022.

Greg’s diary

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A very peculiar aesthetic (and nothing Disney) for the popular series of teenage misadventures by Jeff Kinney. Get to the platform right now, next December 3. It will be followed by a sequel, ‘Rodrick Rules’.

The Beatles – Get Back

New clip from Peter Jackson’s highly anticipated documentary on The Beatles. It will include previously unreleased clips of the band restored to an extreme never seen before, and will be released in three parts from November 25.

Chip’n Dale: Rescue Rangers

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It is not a reboot, but a return. Thirty years later, Chip and Chop, the Rescuers, return with the voices of Adam Samberg and John Mulaney. It is not clear if it will be in live or animated image format, but we will find out in spring 2022.

Better Nate than Never

Screenshot 2021 11 12 A To S 16 19 49

Another family oriented film with stars like Lisa Kudrow (‘Friends’) on board, and that tells how a 13-year-old wants to be a Broadway star, but has to deal with the frustration of not being able to get a role even in a school play. But without the permission of his parents he will go to the casting of … ‘Lilo and Stitch: The Musical’. Spring 2022.

Hocus Pocus 2

Screenshot 2021 11 12 A La S 16 24 26

First image of the sequel to ‘The Return of the Witches’, the splendid 1993 black magic comedy whose cast headed by Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker returns full. It will arrive in time for Halloween, in fall 2022.


Screenshot 2021 11 12 To S 16 27 02

Robert Zemeckis has done it again! Unbeatable Tom Hanks leads an all-star cast for a live-action remake (or CGI, you never know with Zemeckis) from the animated classic, which also features Cynthia Erivo, Luke Evans and the voices of Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Keegan-Michael Key and Lorraine Bracco. Autumn 2022.

Documentaries with stars (and without them)

Disney chest out with the possibilities of nature documentaries and a few titles that often feature Hollywood stars like Cicero: ‘Limitless’ with Chris Hemsworth (2022), ‘Welcome to Earth’ with Will Smith (December 8, 2021) or ‘America the Beautiful’ (2022) are some of them.


Cinderella, but with sneakers. A youthful, crystal shoeless update of the classic fairy tale. Directs Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, seasoned in series like ‘Empire’ and will arrive February 18.

The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder

Sequel in serial format of the semi-unknown (outside the United States, it is understood) animated film ‘Los Proud’, about the day-to-day life of an African-American family. The month of February 2022.

The Spiderwick Chronicles


You may remember ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’, a 2008 fantasy film based on a successful youth book series about three brothers lost in a fantasy world and that he stayed there despite his ambition. Still undated, it looks like Disney + is going to try again in a live-action series.


No images yet of the remake of the 80s fantasy classic, but a great video in which Warwick Davis, the protagonist of the original film, talks to his much younger co-stars. Some of whom weren’t born when Ron Howard’s (“the one from ‘Arrested Development’) movie came out. Yeah, we’re that old.

Under the Helmet – The Legacy of Boba Fett

And we are warming up for the premiere of ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ in the last bars of the year. This documentary reviews how a supporting character became a cult figure for ‘Star Wars’ fans, how he resists dying and how his shadow is projected to one of the last hits of the franchise, the wonderful ‘The Mandalorian’. Already on Disney +

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Screenshot 2021 11 12 A To 17 04 02

Disney anticipates one of the most anticipated premieres of the ‘Star Wars’ franchise with some unpublished images of ‘Obi Wan Kenobi’, in a clip of just a minute That you can see on the platform. In it, some people in charge of the series speak of the return of Ewan McGregor as the mythical Jedi master and, of course, of Hayden Christensen as Darth Vader.

Cars – On the Road


Disney has shown some very early footage of the serial sequel to Pixar’s hit talking vehicle trilogy. Still has no specific date beyond 2020, but the original voices will return. Full-length documentaries have also been announced on the creative process of upcoming Pixar films such as ‘Red’ and ‘Lightyear’.

Win or Lose

Screenshot 2021 11 12 A To S 17 19 28

Intriguing first visual clue of the new Pixar series for Disney +. As much as we are tempted to think that this is an adaptation of ‘Super Mario Bros.’, it is more about a series about softball, in which a team prepares for an important game one week before the meeting. Each episode will be narrated from the perspective of a different character. Autumn 2022.



Also focused on different characters will be ‘Zootopia +’, expansion of the world of anthropomorphic animals of the wonderful ‘Zootopia’, in short episodes that will allow us to peek into secondary as delicious as sloths. By 2022.


Another youth series in the purest Disney + style in which a young woman plays in a play the same role that she consecrated to her grandmother years ago, a legend of musical comedies. But a mysterious bracelet sends the protagonist back to 1994, the year her mother lived in the shadow of her now famous grandmother. And although the past cannot be changed, it can be learned from it. Already on Disney +.


Screenshot 2021 11 12 To S 17 28 08

First image of the sequel in musical series format of ‘Tiana and the frog’, which will follow in the footsteps of the princess of Maldonia in very different settings, even if I don’t completely leave New Orleans behind. He directs and writes the prestigious indie filmmaker Stella Meghie, who has focused all her work on African American culture. We won’t see it until 2023.

… and a good string of Marvel series

Screenshot 2021 11 12 A To S 17 47 09

No data has been given for the new Marvel series, but we have been able to see logos and final titles of a few. The Big Surprise, an animated series of Spider-Man. Again only on the platform you can see the first images of some of them, in a short 14-minute documentary:

  • X-Men’ 97. Animation, 2023.
  • Moon Knight. Real image, coming soon.
  • She-Hulk. Real image, coming soon.
  • Ms. Marvel. Actual image, summer 2022.
  • What If?, second season. Animation, coming soon.
  • Echo. Real image, coming soon.
  • Spider-Man – Freshman Year. Animation, coming soon.
  • I Am Groot. Animation, coming soon.
  • Ironheart. Real image, coming soon.
  • Agatha – House of Harkness. Real image, coming soon.
  • Marvel Zombies. Animation, coming soon.
  • Secret Invasion. Real image, coming soon.

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All the news that Disney + has presented at ‘Disney + Day 2021’