All the new movies and series coming to Amazon Prime Video

Series Coming to Amazon Prime Video in June 2021

Sun – June 4

Dom is a Brazilian series tells the true story of Victor, a police officer who dedicated himself to the fight against drug trafficking, as well as his son Pedro, a middle-class boy in Rio de Janeiro who became addicted to cocaine in their teens. That led him to become the leader of a criminal gang in the city.

Leonardo – June 11

Series that narrates the extraordinary life of Leonardo Da Vinci and the creation of the works that made him a unique person in history.

Alone – June 25

Series that tells seven stories of seven different characters, in an uncertain future. In these stories we will see that even humans, during our most isolated moments, are connected through the human experience.

September Mornings – September Mornings – June 25

The life of a trans woman who has just become independent takes an unexpected turn when a son suddenly appears whose existence she did not know, and that she had with a woman 10 years ago.

Other series coming to Prime Video in June 2021:

  • WAT: Harrelson’s Men (T1 – T3) – June 1
  • The Blacklist (T1 – T7) – June 1
  • The Handmaid’s Tale (T3) – June 20
  • The Walking Dead: World Beyond – June 20
  • Bosch (T7) – June 25

Movies Coming to Amazon Prime Video in June 2021

Abyss – June 1

Five friends exploring a remote cave system in northern Australia have to flee after unexpectedly encountering a giant crocodile.

Other movies coming to Prime Video in June 2021:

  • Rent – June 1
  • Synchronic: The Limits of Time – June 15
  • Digimon Adventure: Last evolution Kizuna – June 18
  • Last Christmas – June 25

Documentaries and reality shows coming to Amazon Prime Video in June 2021

Green Blood – June 3

Serie nature documentary that narrates in real time the work of 60 of the best investigative journalists in the world who expose a multitude of environmental scandals on different continents.

Seve – June 4

Amazon Documentary, which continues to bet on documentaries of legends of Spanish sports. In this case, it is the turn of golf legend Severiano Ballesteros, who became the best player in the world in the 1980s.

Clarkson’s Farm – June 11

After decades of being one of the world’s best-known car anchors and analysts, Jeremy Clarkson embarks on a totally different adventure during the 2020 lockdown: owning his own farm.

Latin Flow – June 11

A reality show in which a group of girls from Latin America demonstrate the empowerment capacity of urban music.