All the Movistar + premieres in December 2021: ‘The lost symbol’, ‘Mortal Kombat’, the new ‘Warren File’ and more

Happy Black Friday and as you go looking at sales and leaving the money (who am I kidding, my wallet is shaking too), we continue with our review of the december news. This time we are going to see all the series, films and documentaries that we will see on Movistar +.

A month that we could consider lazy compared to other months, but we still have some news interesting like the new installment of the adventures of Robert Langdon or some worthy blockbusters like ‘Mortal Kombat’ or the great ‘Nobody’.


‘Dan Brown: The Lost Symbol’

Television delivery of Dan Brown’s literary and film franchise that takes us to the beginnings of Robert Langdon, played by Ashley Zuckerman. A race against time in which the symbologist must decipher a series of enigmas to rescue his friend and mentor Peter Salomon.

  • Premiere on November 19

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Documentaries and shows



Documentary program of three episodes in which we delve into the world of melodic music through three decades (the 60s, 70s and 80s) in which we will talk with its creators and renewed versions of classics will be made.

  • Premiere December 15

All documentaries

  • ‘A life in ten photos’ (2/12)
  • ‘Gimme Danger’ (5/12)
  • ‘UFOs’ (5/12)
  • ‘The game of love’ (11/12)
  • ‘The secrets. Since we haven’t seen each other ‘(12/12)
  • ‘Melodic’ (12/15)
  • ‘Hans Zimmer in concert’ (17/12)
  • ‘20,000 days on Earth ‘(12/19)
  • ‘The Windsors: Princes and the Press’ (12/23)
  • ‘Pablo Alboran. Vertigo 2021 ‘(12/24)
  • ‘Notes on Hitler’ (12/29)


‘In unison’

Ed Helms stars in this unreleased film playing an app designer who decides to become a father through surrogacy. Soon a bond of friendship will begin between him and the young woman he hires as a surrogate mother (Patti Harrison).

  • Premiere December 12

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All the Movistar + premieres in December 2021: ‘The lost symbol’, ‘Mortal Kombat’, the new ‘Warren File’ and more