Alicia Machado breaks the silence about her breakup with Christian Estrada, Ferka’s ex

The former beauty queen spoke for the first time in front of the cameras of the romance she had with Christian Estrada, a controversial character who has given much to talk about after trying to take her son abroad without her mother’s permission. And, apparently, Alicia Machado would have finally realized that they are not compatible.

Christian Estrada and Alicia Machado finish!

Despite the fact that we recently saw the couple debut on the red carpet at the Billboard Latin Women in Music Awards, things did not come to fruition between the two, as Alicia Machado recently confessed that she no longer dates the former participant of “The Bachelorette”.

Alice Machado. Photo: File

Alicia Machado talks about her breakup with Christian Estrada

According to the former beauty queen, the relationship did not prosper and she has already turned the page: “What a pity, but next, so the point has been clarified, well. That they stay still and I know that they were very worried about me the last two months, but nothing happens, I am an experienced adult lady and I like to have a good time, “said the Venezuelan.

“I have a good time for a while… when you can, you can and if not next. A kiss and I am respected, when I am someone I respect so that they respect me, so next ”, she added.

Christian Estrada focused on his son?

Not long ago, Christian Estrada commented that he and Alicia were just friends, because they went out just to get to know each other, since his priority at the moment was his son.

“We’re friends, we’re getting to know each other, she’s a great guy, I’ll repeat it to you again, she’s a lady… Right now my priority is my son, I don’t have time for relationships and she’s a great friend,” Christian said.

Estrada has been involved in a great controversy with his ex-partner, Ferka, because a few months ago he tried to take his son away from him to take him abroad without his authorization. The case has gone viral, adding a bad name to his reputation.

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Alicia Machado breaks the silence about her breakup with Christian Estrada, Ferka’s ex