Alfredo Adame caused problems for “Relámpago”: fighters demand that he “let himself be won” by the actor

Alfredo Adame caused problems for
Alfredo Adame caused problems for “Relámpago”: fighters demand that he “let himself be won” by the actor. Photo: Cuartoscuro

The “Pirate Morgan” and others fighters claimed to “Flash of lightning” after, years ago, he starred in a “Fight” with Alfredo Adamewhere the controversial actor was “victorious” during a tv show.

“We look bad because of you”: the claim of the fighters

In a video that recently began circulating on social media, “Flash of lightning” He is rebuked by some wrestling companions, who demand that in 2019 he let himself be defeated by the actor, who assures that They want to hurt him for being “handsome and a millionaire”

“Lightning, Adame humiliated you. How is it possible that this Adame has put a key in you?

It is heard saying “Pirate Morgan”

In what appears to be a dressing roomthe wrestlers’ claims They went on to point out that He made the union look bad.

“Why didn’t you defend the fight? We look bad because of you, everyone wins except you”.

The wrestlers also began to reminisce about the fights that Alfredo Adame has starred in, including the fight in the streets of Mexico City against a couple.

“Any lady beats him… You left wrestling on the floor.”


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everything was paid

Following feedback from his peers, “Flash of lightning” stated that everything tried a montage.

“I discredited wrestling. I’m going to say why… At that time, that bastard wanted to look good and he offered me a piece of wool and the truth is, I did sell ”

The masked man agreed to have made a mistake and stressed that it would be a situation that would not happen again; He even acknowledged that Alfredo Adame, who has starred in several fights recently, I could win no problem.

“I never thought that it would affect me a lot with my teammates, I affected wrestling, I hurt wrestling. Excuse me, I will not do it again, I will not sell myself again. I beat that guy in a ring or wherever. He was a ShowIt was a TV show.”

“Flash of lightning”

This was the fight between “Relámpago” and Alfredo Adame

It all happened during the show Montse and Joe in which it was presented Alfredo Adame along with other celebrities and the fighter. As part of the dynamicHe too politician, accused of trying to steal campaign money, faced “Flash of lightning” to make fighting keys.

Before the gaze of the conductors and the rest of the guests, Alfred Adame, who maintains a rivalry with Carlos Trejo, seemed to show that he was actually a good fighter, although the netizens they quickly accused that everything was staged, as he recognized “Flash of lightning” to some years away.

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Alfredo Adame caused problems for “Relámpago”: fighters demand that he “let himself be won” by the actor