Alfredo Adame applies the Nodal and tattoos Magaly Chávez in an intimate place

Alfredo Adame showed his love for Magaly Chavez during the start of reality show’I’m famous, get me out of here!, in which the two are participating. During the program there were not only signs of affection, since the actor followed in the footsteps of the singer Christian Nodal and made a ‘tattoo‘ in honor of his beloved.

This May 4 began the new reality of aztec tv where 10 celebrities will face the challenges of the jungle. Among the celebrities is the controversial couple of Alfredo and Magaly, that prior to the start of this program they had announced their separation, however, during the first chapter they showed that everything remains in the past and what now They are more united than ever.

Alfredo Adame tattoos Magaly’s name

During this broadcast, the participants faced the first challenges, but also had the opportunity to get to know each other. Because they are not in competition all the time, they have the opportunity to live together and do some dynamics between them, that is why the former contestant of ‘The Academy’, Wendolee started his owntattoo studio‘.

It was on this occasion that Alfredo Adame take the opportunity to show your love towards your girlfriend, since he asked the former Academic, to outline the word ‘Magaly‘ nothing more and nothing less than in one of his bubbles. Although this drawing on the skin is not permanent, it is evidence of her commitment to the celebrity, whom she has said she will marry soon.

In addition, the former Televisa host revealed that he is thinking of giving him the engagement ring (craft) during the program and is even willing to celebrate their respective bachelor parties in that place that offers few comforts for celebrities, since they have to bring out their survival instinct.

Magaly Chávez shows her love for Alfredo Adame

The 63-year-old artist was not the only one who showed his love during the competition, because Magaly Chavez He also had some emotional moments like when he gave one of his two mattresses to his partner; she also gave her a piece of pie that she won for being the winner of her first test.

The couple is expected to be one of the most controversial in ‘I’m famous, get me out of here!‘, because despite the fact that there are many celebrities competing, Alfredo Adame and Magaly, are the ones who have attracted the most attention since the announcement of the program, which marks the return of Atala Sarmiento to TV Azteca.


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Alfredo Adame applies the Nodal and tattoos Magaly Chávez in an intimate place