Aleyda Ortiz talks about ‘the curse’ that she lived as Nuestra Belleza Latina

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Aleyda Ortiz talks about ‘the curse’ she lived after winning the crown

The next September 26 the reality show will hit the screens again Our Latin Beauty, considered one of the dreams of thousands of women throughout the United States.

And although there is no doubt that going through the Univision program is a excellent trampoline For the contestants to develop a successful career in the world of entertainment, it can also be a traumatic experience for some winners, due to the impact they must face in a very heavy world that they arrive at overnight and that can be ended. coming back in a nightmare.

This was confessed by the former Nuestra Belleza Latina, who in a brief conversation with Jomari Goyso, who will judge the return of Nuestra Belleza Latina, said that what came for her after becoming the winner of the reality show was a “curse.”

“After winning the crown, I felt that I achieved it, it was life ‘la, la, la”, Next … and then I realize, I think it was the hardest … I hit rock bottom. It was the worst (he said to himself): ‘I want to get into a hole, a hole’. And I felt that I was getting down and it was like (questioning herself) ‘wait, why what brought me the most happiness, is giving me so much disappointment and so much sadness’. It was difficult ”, Aleyda confessed to her friend, admitting that her year as queen was not rosy and there was a lot of suffering.

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The ex-beauty queen Puerto Rican added that this has not only happened to her, but that this kind of “curse” has been lived by several of the former Nuestra Belleza Latina, but that each one has suffered from different places.

“He has treated us all in different areas. And it touched me on the emotional side. I think it has a lot to do with self-love, with loving myself. I said at that time: ‘lose weight, I won the crown’ and for now, up to here and there was a blow with reality, “added Our Beauty 2014, stating that for the young women who win the title it is very hard to face to a world where they run into bad men who hurt them, as happened with her, because the fights in the competition are like honey, compared to what they live after

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“For me the worst thing was after having won the competition. The other days I would analyze it with my mother, and I would tell her that I was ready for the competition, but I was not ready for real life, then the new world, here in Miami ”, Aleyda commented. “It was never difficult for me to be around people. It was difficult for me to be in this world (of entertainment), to be a woman, with an exhibition. A pretty woman and the sharks around. I didn’t know how to handle it. I was delighted with everything, with life ”.

And insisting that this clash with men in the middle that were not worth it, other ex-queens came to feel it as well, so they created a kind of list to warn each other, who was better not to mess with.

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“Several queens told me: ‘be careful with this one and this one.’ And I fell for one, which was not yet on the list. I had to go through the experience to put it on the list. Later I remember, when Clarissa and Francisca won, we called each other on the phone and said: ‘this no, this no’, ‘this no’, ‘throw it away’ ”, said the young ex-queen, adding that the evil“ sharks ”who were refers, they took advantage of the naivete of the winners. “It is that most of us if not all of us were children of our house, with the desire and dreams of being in this world. But we didn’t have the slightest idea (of what it was like). It wasn’t that we grew up in this environment ”.

Already in the past Aleyda had revealed that she was even a victim of abusive relationships and with her new talk with Jomari she showed that winning Nuestra Belleza Latina has its difficult side, that it can become what she nodded like a curse.

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