Alexander Ludwig ‘Heels’: “After ‘Vikings’ I never thought I would return to television so quickly”

The unforgettable actor who played Bjorn returns to the small screen as one of the brothers who run a wrestling ring in the series that StarzPlay premieres this Sunday, August 15.

He never thought he would do television so fast again after the end of Vikings, but Alexander Ludwig received the offer to be one of the protagonists of Heels, the new series about wrestling that Starz -StarzPlay in Spain- is about to premiere and he did not think about it. Well, we lie. Yes he thought about it. The same admits in his interview with SensaCine On the occasion of the debut of the new fiction on television, before saying yes to the new character, he had to know which actor was going to be in charge of embodying the other main character. When he learned that his partner on the ring would be the ex of Arrow Stephen Amell, he didn’t think twice. He was inside.

Amell and Ludwig they play two brothers in fiction, Jack and Ace respectively. Two professional wrestling who, in addition to being partners in his father’s business, are rivals as they try to take on the legacy of moving the ring forward.

“I never thought I would go back to television so quickly, but for me it is a question of being part of good stories,” he explains to Sensacine when we asked him what it means for him to face a new great television project after having been part of one of the most popular series. successes of the last decade. So, when they proposed Heels, could not resist: “It was an incredible script and it turned out to be everything I had always hoped for, because, after all, I am a storyteller and I want to tell the best stories that I can. And Heels she was one of them. “

I remember saying ‘I love this show, but I need to wait to find out who Jack is going to be, because it is something very important to their relationship. And when I found out that Stephen (Amell) had signed, I was inside

Both Canadians, the actors connected from the first momentSo building the story of two brothers facing each other but who have to work together to carry out the wrestling business that they inherited from their father was very simple for them. Simply, they understood each other well, admired each other and shared a common goal of putting body and soul into bringing the best possible result to the wrestling community. “I knew the drama was there and I knew people were going to love this series because the characters are so good, but we really wanted the fighters to know that we had put our hearts and our souls in the characters and in the project,” says Ludwig. .

The physical challenge has been important, but Alexander Ludwig tells us that he was lucky enough to work with Adam “Edge” Copeland when he was in Vikings. and that thanks to that he was able to talk to him a lot about Heels: “Adam was really a very famous ‘heel’, so I was lucky in that aspect.” It was also fortunate for him to work with Amell, an actor who, he explains, really breaks his skin.

Little resemble Heels Y Vikings, like Ace and Bjorn, but Ludwig can’t help but remember his time in the series developed by Michael Hirst for History. On the one hand, he admits that both characters have in common that they are both dealing with the loss of their father, although he also believes that both series may share the ‘handicap’ of not being attractive to a certain part of the audience due to their main theme.

Are people going to see it as a series about wrestling or are they going to see it as something more than that? That was always the concern

“Back to VikingsBefore the series saw the light, all we knew about the Vikings was that they were the “villains” of the North, screaming and looting. And suddenly what was very interesting to the audience was that they loved the characters, yes, but that they could also learn something from something that they knew nothing about. With Heels it’s something similar, it’s the same experience, “says Ludwig.

You can see Alexander Ludwig again in action from the hand of Heels, which premieres on StarzPlay in Spain this Sunday, August 15.