Alex Caniggia and Melody Luz: massages and hot breakfast after a night of passion at El Hotel de los Famosos

Alex Caniggia and Melody Luz’s hot breakfast at the Hotel de los Famosos

During the last morning of The Hotel of the Famous (El Trece), prior to the weekly elimination gala, the kitchen staff was preparing breakfast for the guests. But at the edge of the closing time of the service, an important request was missing: “Those of us in the suite still don’t know what they’re going to have for breakfast.”. It was about alex caniggia Y Melody Light who after weeks of hysteria and sexual tension, they woke up together and doing teaspoon.

“They must be sleeping… those two sleep until 12”, he thought aloud Walter Queijeiro, hotel manager this week. “We are waiting for the breakfast in the suite”, the cook insisted to the staff of personnel who completed Silvina Moon Y Rodrigo Noya.

“Rodri, do you want to go and see yourself?” Asked the cook and the actor went to the room, although with some doubts. “And… it’s a bit ugly because they’re sleeping, but they send us to take the breakfast order and we have to do it”, Noya said and knocked on the door, although without answers from the other side. Thus, she asked Queijeiro for help, with whom she finally entered the room.

Alex Caniggia and Melody Luz woke up together at El Hotel de los Famosos

And what did they see? Alex and Melody sleeping next to each other, skin to skin. “You can see that they were up late because when we entered, they were hugging each other like this, polar bear type”, Rodrigo described and asked the sports journalist for patience, who wanted to take the breakfast order before anything else: “Wait for Melody to unhook”.

Before the options (scrambled eggs, toasted ham and cheese or tomato and cheese for Melody, who is vegetarian), Caniggia barely raised a thumb from under the bedspread to give the ok to everything they offered him. “And a soda with ice?” added Queijero to the menu and the son of the Son of the Wind he said yes again. “I want orange juice and tea, I don’t drink coffee,” Melody pointed out almost in off, since she couldn’t be seen because she was covered by Alex’s humanity, who didn’t let her go and I stayed there, next to her . “There was a hot climate there…”, synthesized Walter and closed the door.

Alex Caniggia and Melody Luz

Awake and private again, Alex began with some wake-up messages. “Oh, it works for me eh, that’s fine… Ayyy”, approved Melody, rejoicing in her pleasure. “What’s the use for you?” Caniggia wanted to know, without stopping. “Stand to the left,” she followed. “It serves you… Yeah!” Charlotte’s brother swelled as he gave flannel free rein. “Cuddles always… That has to be fundamental, yes or yes. A gallant like me, imagine“, said.

“Uh, I’m about to fall asleep again…”, said the former dancer of The ShowMatch Academy, but Alex wanted nothing to do with it. “What soft skin! I told you?”, he flattered her. “Very soft, huh,” he insisted and determinedly kissed her back. And judging by something Queijeiro could see when he decided to open the door without knocking, he convinced her.

Alex Caniggia massaging Melody Luz at the Hotel de los Famosos
Alex Caniggia massaging Melody Luz at the Hotel de los Famosos

can’t now”, she said sitting on Alex and, although she covered herself with the sheet, she seemed to move. “Uy, excuse me, excuse me… It’s time for the check out, it’s already been half an hour. Sir, if you want I’ll give you 10 more minutes, will you?” the manager proposed and Alex nodded at her nervous and approving laugh. “Everyone wants to watch and watch. Walter, go to to spoon with Matilda White”, the media son of Mariana Nannis to Queijeiro.

On the end of the broadcast, and after the evaluation of Gabriel Oliveri -general manager of the hotel-, Matilda White Y Sabrina Carballo faced each other in the elimination duel. After the votes of the participants, they defined in the test of the hotel card and the winner was the actress of friendswho weeks ago had been in the news for her marriage to the Chanchi Estevez. However, there was a last minute surprise.

Walter Queijeiro caught Alex Caniggia and Melody Luz red-handed
Walter Queijeiro caught Alex Caniggia and Melody Luz red-handed

When Matilda received the returns and affection of those who were about to be ex-partners in the Hotel, Rodrigo Noya asked for the floor to propose that the image consultant keep her place in the reality show since he had made the decision to abandon him.

“I don’t find myself… at the moment I am I don’t find myself. It’s hard for me to decide because I really value this place a lot, I value the games, the competition. What Matilda has been doing is worthy of someone who may have the opportunity to continue. But hey, it’s not a decision I can make.”, said the actor. “The way to leave this hotel is always in the elimination match. Not that this limits your ability to leave, not at all. Are you still with your idea of ​​leaving the hotel?”, he asked Leander Leunis and the answer was left hanging.


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Alex Caniggia and Melody Luz: massages and hot breakfast after a night of passion at El Hotel de los Famosos