Alejandra Guzmán once again presents health problems and complications

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Alejandra Guzmán has once again presented health problems that prevent her from going on stage. Through a statement that she shared on her social networks, she reported the cancellation of one of her concerts in Nuevo Laredo.

The rocker explained that the doctors asked her to rest completely, because the hip injury she suffered in September last year continues to take its toll.

“Dear rockers from Nuevo Laredo, as is in the public domain, a few months ago I suffered an injury to my hip from which I am still recovering,” he said.

Alejandra Guzmán shared a statement.

Silvia Pinal’s daughter pointed out that despite the care and rehabilitation she has undergone, “complications have once again occurred today due to a condition called Radicular Compression Syndrome in the lower back.”

“Situation that will have me in absolute rest for a few days and that prevents me from being on June 15,” wrote the singer, who said she was sad that she could not be on stage.

Why does Alejandra Guzmán have hip problems?

In September 2022, Alejandra Guzman suffered a severe fall when he was on stage in Washington, United States. Because the singer has had to undergo multiple hip surgeries, she was rushed to a hospital.

“What happens is that my right hip is dislocated, I have two prostheses and sometimes it can happen, it never happened to me,” said the singer.

Why does Alejandra Guzmán have a hip prosthesis?

In 2009, the singer of ‘I was waiting for you’ underwent a buttock augmentation that almost led her to lose her life in 2021, due to being injected with polymers that caused her muscle to begin to necrotize.

Since then, Alexandra He has had to undergo around 40 buttock and hip surgeries, since it has not been possible to completely extract the substance.

What is Radicular Compression Syndrome?

Radicular syndrome or radicular compression is the compression or pinching of a nerve root, which can be caused by a herniated disc.

A nerve root is the place where a nerve comes from the spine, specifically the spinal cord. Situation you are currently facing Alejandra Guzman.

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Alejandra Guzmán once again presents health problems and complications