Alejandra Espinoza’s neurologist reveals the final diagnosis and how the presenter of NBL is doing

continue with us, we talkof our dearAlejandra Espinoza,fortunately it is already therein good condition at home,what we know today was astrong migraine, doctor Juan: that’s right, how do youI have said, I have beenin contact with Alejandrathrough this whole process, andone of the things that I wanted tomade him leave his hospital,is to start in a neuologist, youI recommended that he see the doctorHospitalde monte siní aqí en miami,we have it today so that wecan I say how is italejandra,so you can explain us a littlewings in the diagnosis.How are you, George?karla: good morning, doctor.>> good juan: thanks for beingwith us.the first thing we want to know isCal is the final diagnosishow she is.>> Alejandra thank god I knowfind good, your examno type of deficitlong term.Alejandra had a migrainecomplex or complicated, avariant of the typical migrainehow many times that migrainepresents with intomasinvolving cerebral infarction,numbness in one armdouble more when speaking, but stopmany people, especiallyfor Alejandra,that hit him for the first time,one worries that I amgiving an eventcerebrovascular, that’s whydid a lot of testing.karla: what is it that causesa migraine this guy, doctor?>> migraine is a shockpower of the elules of thebrain like many timesstarts in the posterior areaof the brain.the public that sometimes suffersof migraine, many times you knowthat your vision can be clouded.can cause pain, and thosedownloads can activate otherareas of the brain, including,producing intimate motors andlose sensation or feelingebony.after that downloadeéctrica calm down, there you golowering the intomas.there are patients who laterit’s going to give a headache, whatit’s the typical painstabbing that feel like aencephalic migraine, nohas pain as such.Karla: I was wondering why onelisten that when one isthe head hurts is becausewhoyou have problems,maybe you are anxious,depressed, a being persistsdear, are you stressed out on thework, do these problemscan lead to a migraine?>> of course,one of the factors pluslarge that cause migrainesin patients who do not suffer itdaily life,and that you can lead toactivate these elulas in thebrain thatdownload in a way thatbut it is not due directlywhen you are, because there are patientswith you that does not givemigraine, but this is arisk factor for patientswho suffer from migraine andprovoke juan: george, what forour audience isquiet, obviously everyoneWe adore Alejandra Espinoza.a lot of people out therewhat are we doingspeaking, what is a migrainecomplex, this is not reallysomething lethal, dangerous thatattempt on your life?the results of yourstudies,the blood vessels aremagnetic resonances that do notthey only did to his brain,but in areas of view, such ashe was complaining about sightcloudy,all went well, he did not haveno injury to his brain, andlo as important for í, ascynical doctor, is thatlong-term effect, whichwe have to see in thismoment,I understand that AlejandraI don’t know if it’s going to happen to himagain, butthat looks long term, andwe have a couple of more studiesto be sure that thethings are good,and physically,is excellent, and nothey will have no problem in the long runterm.karla: that’s the most important juan: thank you very much,Josh Doctor Gonalez Humerusone,for seeing Alejandra when youthat will be fine.

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