Agustín Casanova is the first confirmed coach for “La Voz Kids” in Uruguay

Talent shows give no respite channel 10. With Got Talent Uruguay on the air and already in the final stretch of its third season, and after the successful debut of The voicenow get ready The voice Kidsthe children’s and adolescent edition of the singing contest. And the first figure of him is confirmed.

Yesterday, The voice Kids officially announced that Agustin Casanova will be a coach in the new reality. Thus the leader of marama is definitively confirmed as a figure of the Uruguayan channel, since he has been a sworn in all the editions of GotHe was in The voice and now it will continue in the new adaptation.

“It’s official. This thing about being a jury and a coach is driving me crazy, but I’m loving it,” said the singer in a video in which he also confirmed his presence in The voice Kids.

Since the 10th they announced that the castings for the program will begin soon, and the inscriptions are still open. They had been enabled just finished The voiceand are for boys and girls between the ages of six and 15.

Those who are interested in participating and are between the specified ages must send two videos through WhatsApp, to the phone 096 220 892, singing a song a cappella and another with a track or accompanied by an instrument.

Production will then be contacted to follow the process.

So far, Casanova is the only one confirmed as The Voice Kids jury. In social networks, the one that has sounded strong to occupy a place as a coach is Luana Persinculasinger who has just become one of the great figures of Master Chef Celebrityand to participate as guest on gottalentwhich could serve as an indication of a decision.

The voice Kids would arrive in 2023.

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Agustín Casanova is the first confirmed coach for “La Voz Kids” in Uruguay