June 30, 2021

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After leaving El club de las divorciadas, Alessandra Rampolla dedicated a message to Laurita Fernández

After leaving El club de las divorciadas Alessandra Rampolla dedicated
Rampolla’s farewell from The Divorced Club

Less than two weeks after his debut in the afternoons of El Trece, The divorcees club suffered his first casualty: Alessandra Rampolla left the show. “To whom we want to say enormous thanks is to Alessandra, who today is her last day in Argentina because she returns with her project to Australia. We knew this day was going to come, we didn’t want it to come, it was a huge honor for all of us “Laurita Fernández announced. While the renowned sexologist thanked the production and her colleagues for the two weeks shared.

“I love it, because I just came from an Australian adventure, I had a little break, I love being able to be here, having accompanied to start this beautiful project With all these life stories that the truth that impact a lot and reflect the reality of so many people. And help as much as possible to give them those tools and those little things that can help, so continue with all the successes in the world doing this work that I think is very valuable, so congratulations and thank you very much for having me here “, said” Alessa ” .

His departure drew attention, not only because he did not spend a month on the talk show that seeks to help women in their love relationships, but because rumors of a bad relationship between Laurita and her panelist began to circulate since the show’s debut. As it transpired, the trigger for the confrontation between the women would have been an on-air disagreement, since Alessandra was not satisfied with the place she had in the cycle and the feet that the driver gave her to participate.

The publication of Alessandra Rampolla

However, Fernández quickly came out to deny these versions. “With Ale on top we get on well against each other. Off the air we chat all the time. Sometimes it is difficult to go out and answer everything that is said. It’s just who I have the most bond with out of the air! She was never angry with me and I was never angry with her, ”said the dancer. And he assured that they are even related when the cameras are turned off: “We always speak beyond the program and we have an extra-work bond that was generated only, which occurred. We both laugh when we start reading those things because they are so far from reality. But it is uncontrollable ”.

Rampolla had decided not to make any statements on the matter, but after making his resignation public, he dedicated a special message to Laurita on his social networks. “Thank you @holasoylaurita for opening the doors to the Club so lovingly! It was a pleasure meeting you and sharing this adventure together. All the successes, beautiful! ”, wrote the Puerto Rican professional. And the driver replied: “Ale, as I said on the air, besides being an incredible professional, a beautiful pleasure to meet you as a woman and partner.”