After his surgery: This was the surprise reappearance of Rafael Araneda in ‘Falling in love USA’

the tv presenter Raphael Araneda made a surprise appearance on the program ‘Falling in love with USA’, although this time it was in a rather striking way, because he still cannot speak due to the medical procedure he had to undergo about a week ago.

The Chilean had a somewhat funny participationdespite the fact that he could not say a word due to the indications that the health specialists gave him after having undergone surgery, on this occasion he had the support of some printed posters to communicate.

Today in silence and only with gestures and texts, stop by to say hello to the tremendous team of @enamorandonosusa and also participate for a few minutes at the beginning of the show with @anapatriciatv @milynette @pietro.pizzorni @loscupidosband @laleiromusic @marioalain_music. Always grateful for the love and to continue the recovery!!! We return on August 22”, was the message that accompanied the publication he made.

Araneda recently spoke out to show his appreciation for all the positive words that have been sent to him during your recovery process. He explained that he feels very lucky for all those messages that keep coming to him. In addition, he took the opportunity to clarify that he has been progressing quite well.

“With all my heart, thank you very much for all the signs of affection and the good energies that you have sent me and continue to reach me. I tell you that they have helped me a lot to be a little better and more comfortable every day. I’m still in silent mode and rest post surgery. hug of gratitude“, he wrote on the social network of the little camera.

The particularity of this presentation is due to the fact that the entire team of the aforementioned program goes on vacation and returns in two months. In addition, through the official account of @enamorandonosusa, they highlighted that they will continue to be active on their networks.

In addition, they explained that they feel very happy as well as grateful for the audience they have achieved during all this time. In turn, they detailed that it is the end of this season and in the month of August they will return recharged.

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After his surgery: This was the surprise reappearance of Rafael Araneda in ‘Falling in love USA’