July 4, 2021

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After dancing at ShowMatch, Luciana Salazar accepted the challenge of doing live management analysis: “Cristina is one of the few real political figures in this country”

After dancing at ShowMatch Luciana Salazar accepted the challenge of
Luciana Salazar spoke about politics (Video: ShowMatch, ElTrece)

It was after sharing the track with Jorgito Moliniers and to the delight of those present. “How do you see Alberto?” Marcelo tinelli a Luciana Salazar, after proposing to do a brief political and management analysis based on the leaders of our country. “It is very difficult… In two years of the pandemic, it was very difficult in the world in general. I think that in some things I do not agree with how the pandemic took place “, said the model on the ShowMatch track, where she competes in the La Academia pageant.

Then he added: “But I understand that a very complicated country was also inherited. If perhaps we had been better, we would have been able to cope with this pandemic better as well. But hey, the truth is that it is difficult. A must see after the pandemic. That is what worries me ”.

Luciana Salazar and Jorgito Moliniers (Photo: Jorge Luengo, La Flia)

Excited by his forcefulness, Tinelli then went for more. “Cristina?” He said to find out what the former couple thinks of Martin Redrado – Former president of the Central Bank – in relation to the vice president who also held the chair of Rivadavia. “I do not agree with what you think. He’s a political monster, in a good way. You know what power is. The way she exercises it… She is one of the few true political figures in this country, ”he alleged.

“Macri?” Marcelo continued, Mauricio, The ex-president. “Not. Macri, no. I like it better for football ”, he assured, showing off his irony. And when the cycle driver wanted to know what he thinks of Horacio Rodríguez LarretaLuciana noted: “I like it. I see him as a very hard-working person. I like the people who work. The civil servant who puts the breast to the city. I value that ”.

Luciana Salazar’s dance (Video: ShowMatch, ElTrece)

It all happened after Luciana presented a choreography based on the music of Doja Cat. “It was weird. I saw them uneven in energy. They did the same choreography in a different way. The truth is, today they did not convince me, “he said. Angel De Brito and gave it a 5 in the returns round. “The music was not so disco. With another theme perhaps they would have excelled. Anyway, I see Luciana dancing much better and very concentrated “, he rescued Carolina Pampita Ardohain, which gave it a 6. “I loved the music. Luli wants to be splendid all the time, but the pose takes space out of her as a dancer. Even so, I liked the choreography. You can see that they work a lot, “he commented. Jimena Baron, which gave it a 6. “The choreography was very good, but I didn’t like the tricks. It was not one of his best clothes, “he lowered his thumb. Hernán Piquín, which today had a secret vote.

The thing did not stop there, because when Romina Richi danced they told her that she had to let go. While a Cucho Parisi They marked him that he was lost and was well below the level of the rest. Already Mario Guerci They told him that he had not reached the goal either. When the moment of sentencing arrived, Marcelo ushered in the twenty couples who danced disco. As Piquín’s secret votes were revealed, they reached the minimum score (21 points) and ensured their continuity in The academy: Cachete Sierra and Fiorella Giménez (30 + 8 = 38), Flor Vigna and Facu Mazzei (29 + 7 = 36), Débora Plager and Nicolás Villalba (22 + 5 = 27), Julieta Nair Calvo and Gonzalo Gerber (28 + 8 = 36), Candela Ruggeri and Nicolás Fleitas (26 + 7 = 33), Lizardo Ponce and Josefina Oriozabala (27 + 6 = 33), Ángela Leiva and Jonathan Lazarte (26 + 6 = 32), Mariana Genesio Peña and Rodrigo Jara (26 + 6 = 32), Rocío Marengo and Nacho Pérez Cortés (23 + 6 = 29), Viviana Saccone and Ernesto Díaz (20 + 5 = 25), Mar Tarrés and Franco Mariotti (20 + 4 = 24), and Sofía Jujuy Jiménez –Fractured a rib during a trial– and Nacho Saraceni (17 + 5 = 22).

The sentence at La Academia (Photo: ShowMatch, ElTrece)
The sentence at La Academia (Photo: ShowMatch, ElTrece)

Instead, they did not achieve the minimum grade and were sentenced to duel: Barby Franco and Gabriel Renteria (16 + 4 = 20), and Karina La Princesita and Rafa Muñiz (12 + 3 = 15). Due to lack of time, they did not complete their score and were left waiting Pachu Peña with Flor Díaz, Romina Ricci and Juan Manuel Palao, Cucho Parisi and Melody Luz, Luciana Salazar with Jorgito Moliniers, Mario Guerci and Sole Bayona and Rodrigo Tapari with Barby Silences.