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The most extreme reality show on Telecinco has come to an end. The bonfires in the palapa have gone out and survivors already has a clear winner: Bosco Blach. After a very close finale where the contestant faced Adara, now you have the check for 200,000 euros in your hands. However, the thing has not stopped there and the story continues….

The final of the Telecinco program left us an unexpected kiss between the two finalists and that made the entire audience ask the same question: what was going on between them? It was in the debate when Pocholo’s nephew revealed that in the last stretch of the contest a rapprochement with the survivor had emerged and they have begun to get to know each other and, for now, everything is going well.

Life outside of Survivors

Adara Molinero on Instagram

Although Adara continues to adjust to life off the islandsomething that has already advanced that it is costing her because she would love to live in a bikini and without shoes, she has wanted to interact with her followers and answer some of the unknowns that are not known within the program.

Regarding the way in which she untangles her hair, the survivor has revealed that she did it with her fingers or that she did not do it directly: “That is why she almost always wore a bow,” she pointed out. Another of the curiosities that her followers have asked is the worst thing that happened to her on the island. Something that without a doubt has answered: “Being hungry is the worst thing in the world. No matter how much it is explained until you live it, you don’t know what it is.”

However, one of the great crux of the program regarding feminine hygiene is knowing how to shave and above all, how do they manage when they have menstruation. Regarding the first, Adara has answered that the program team gives you “a blade”. Regarding the second, he first wanted to warn that each body is the world: “My body kind of went crazy. The first month it came twice and then it stopped. Since then I haven’t had it again. You have tampons at at your disposal,” he said.

war wounds

Before the questions and answers, Adara has shared an image of her leg showing the war wounds that ‘Survivors’ has left her. The content creator has shown the different brands after she went through the contest, and of course, she is going to have to use rosehip to try to reduce those scars.

Adara shares an image of her scars in "Survivors"

Adara shares an image of her scars in ‘Survivors’

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Adara responds: What do you do when you have your period in ‘Survivors’? | THE40 | LOS40