Adamari López plans to “take revenge” on Toni Costa upon leaving “La Casa de los Famosos”

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More than a year after Adamari Lopez announced his break with Tony Costa, The lives of both took a different course. She is in a great professional moment, reaping successes in her career, earning the affection of the people and focused on building a better version of herself.

whileo, the Spanish dancer has focused on growing his brand as a Zumba instructorin addition to the fact that love has been given one more opportunity, by beginning his courtship with Evelyn Beltran.

With his entrance to “The house of the famous”, Toni Costa gained a greater presence in social networks and on Spanish-speaking televisionand it is that since he arrived at the popular reality show He has not stopped sharing details of the relationship he had with Adamari Lopez for 10 years. In fact, he has spoken more about her than about his current partner.

Adamari López and Toni Costa announced their breakup in May 2020, after 10 years together and a daughter together.
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The way in which Toni de Adamari expresses herself would have led the actress to take action against her ex and plans a kind of “revenge” against him, as reported by the program “Gossip not Like”.

The journalist Elisa Beristain pointed out that the beautiful Puerto Rican has requested her vacation at the same time that the reality show “The House of Celebrities” in which her ex participates will conclude so that on her departure she will give her an ultimatum and have to choose whether to decide go on a trip with her and her daughter Alaïa or stay with her girlfriend, also known as “La Bichota”, who has shown her full support for the dancer on social networks.

“She is planning (Adamari) to go on vacation with her daughter and put Toni Costa against the wall, who will have to make the decision to stay with her Bichota or with her own daughter”assured the journalist.

Adamari López responds to what Toni Costa says in “The House of the Famous”

In an interview for People en Español, Adamari Lopez was asked if it bothers her that Toni talks about the relationship they hadknowing that her daughter Alaïa may watch the program by mistake.

Adamari López and her daughter Alaïa
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I think everyone is working. Everyone will think that he is doing things correctlyand well, that’s all I can tell you, “he mentioned.

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Adamari López plans to “take revenge” on Toni Costa upon leaving “La Casa de los Famosos”