Adamari confirms today his separation from Toni Costa

Adamari Lopez She is one of the most transparent and close to her followers on Hispanic television, so she bravely decided to share an important piece of news on today.

Our dear Ada announced that she is going through a process of separation with Toni Costa, her partner for more than a decade. Although she is calm with this important step in her life, this represents a change to which she will have to adjust little by little.

In his only public statements that he will make in this regard, Adamari assures that he made the decision for the well-being of his family.

“I want to let you know that I have decided to separate from Toni and I wanted to share it with you… I have decided to do this precisely because it is a difficult topic to discuss, and because of the respect I have for Alaïa and that parent relationship that will always unite us. I prefer and I want you, who are my family today, to know that this decision has been one that I have thought about, I have analyzed and within this approach of taking care of myself and valuing myself I have found the importance of putting myself first, above all things, the well-being of my family ”, he expressed.

In a message of female solidarity, Adamari asked women who go through a situation like hers to be brave: “What I could tell you is that I hope you are strong and not afraid. Life has taught me that the future always has something beautiful, something good and that with courage and a lot of faith, above all things and with the hand of God, one can achieve what one sets out to do in life ”.

The main objective of Adamari and Toni is the well-being of their little Alaïa, so they show her every day the great love they both have for her.

“She knows that she has two parents who love her and that they will always love her, and that we will be there for her at all times, that is what we are focused on and that is where I put my energy every day of my life,” he said.

With the positive character and great strength that characterize our dear Adamari, she will undoubtedly make this process become another chapter in her life that will leave her a great learning experience.