Actress of ‘Fathers and children’ let off steam; she remembered the death of her son and how it manifested itself

Haydée Ramírez, remembered for her role as Gabriela in the popular TV series Fathers and sons (Caracol Televisión), recently reappeared in an interview with the magazine see and he spoke again about one of the saddest chapters of his life, the death of his son Gustavo.

Equally, The renowned artist stated that the pain of having lost a loved one is never cured and that the important thing is to know how to live with that feeling. He also pointed out that aging is one of the greatest privileges that human beings have.

“Time does not heal anything, what heals is what one does over time. I continue to have therapy and continue to be a member of a support group. I also study logotherapy [psicoterapia]”, initially stated.

Later, Ramírez added: “I feel more human, aware of the finitude of life and that growing old is a privilege. I have learned to connect more from the heart than from the intellect. I have revised my belief system over and over again in the spirit of growing and becoming more comfortable with who I choose to be. I live a new sensibility”.

The actress, in the same way, took advantage of the dialogue with the entertainment magazine to remember the meeting she had with her deceased son from beyond the grave and how it manifested itself to her.

“This experience was just when my son died. A friend told me about this possibility and I decided to do it. I can say that I spoke to my son through her. In the midst of crying and despair, I was able to have a loving communication that left me very calm”, pointed out.

The Valle del Cauca artist finally reiterated in that environment that she is currently calm and that she sees life from another point of view, since she considers that this new sensitivity allows her to analyze things from another perspective.

It is worth mentioning that Haydée Ramírez, who participated in numerous productions on Colombian television, revealed last year on the I know everything (Snail Television) some details of how he managed to communicate with Gustavo through a medium.

“I can assure you that I spoke with my son for an hour and he told me: ‘Mother, I’m going to give you a horse.’ I told him: ‘My love, but how?’, and he replied: ‘Don’t worry, it will get you there’”, told the protagonist of Fathers and sons at that time.

In addition, the actress opened her heart and stated that the impact her son’s death had on her life was too great. Likewise, he said that he was very desperate and came to wonder what was going to happen to her as the days went by, which is why he decided to visit her medium.

“When my son died, in the midst of that despair and anguish, I just thought what is going to happen with life. Where is she going to go? Many things are reconsidered, so I visited the medium, ”she expressed on television. And he concluded by saying that the horse that his first-born promised him did come into his life.

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Actress of ‘Fathers and children’ let off steam; she remembered the death of her son and how it manifested itself