Actress Jessica Biel tells how she fell in love with the ‘thriller’

“I don’t want to do something boring or predictable. I think I am obsessed with human behavior and why people are capable of doing certain things and what pushes them to make decisions or actions that are not always so correct. Therefore I am in love with suspended and the thrillers for a long time, ”says an emotional Jessica Biel, the actress who in 2017 really surprised the world by going from being a mother with a perfect family to the woman who stabs a man to death for no apparent reason in The Sinner, the series that changed his career and awakened his love story with a genre where lies, death and a mystery to be solved converge.

After becoming a producer and protagonist of the first season of The Sinner and the movie Limetown, Biel understood that this was not a one-season passion.
Now you may still experience butterflies in your stomach with Cruel Summer, the new thriller that premieres today in Amazon Prime Video, although here she is not the protagonist. “Since I read the script I was trapped, it was seriously something shocking and it was both challenging,” says Biel in a talk with EL TIEMPO.

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Cruel Summer gave him the opportunity to be part of a story set in the 90s with a plot about two teenagers in a small American town called Skylin – which seems perfect and balanced – but has something murky and dangerous that wants to reveal itself.

Kate Wallis is the typical popular girl from a boring town who changes radically when she is kidnapped and disappears. Everything gets complicated when he returns and accuses Jeanette Turner of having witnessed the abduction and doing nothing about it.

Turner went from being the nerdy, unappealing girl to becoming a reflection of what Wallis meant to the community. She has friends, a boyfriend and a very intense social dynamic that seems to collapse with the return of Wallis.

Between that contrast of personalities and the mystery of the kidnapping, Cruel Summer brings out his most powerful card: a complex narrative in three days throughout 1993, 1994 and 1995, which are seamlessly interwoven to expose the truth of the protagonists.

At first it is not easy to assimilate those leaps in time in the lives of Kate Wallis and Jeanette Turner. There is a very precise work in the details and elements of each year, which demonstrate the change of time and the impact on the psychology of the characters. And within the plot, it is fun to reconnect with the songs, aesthetics and fashion of a decade without social networks, but with a portrait of an adult society that seems to live in well-being, while its younger generation faces more serious problems such as abuse, manipulation and bullying.

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Jeanette Turner (right) has to defend herself against serious charges.

“Each one fights to show that his point of view is the truth inside what happened. It is the game of guessing who is sincere and who is lying. Remember that in life everything is surrounded by a gray nature and we all have masks, layers that hide something, and that does not only apply to teenagers, ”says Jessica Biel.

“I think the idea of ​​connecting three timelines was the most challenging for Cruel Summer. We did not want it to be abrupt, but a step a little simpler, but one that requires a greater degree of attention, “he adds.

Cruel Summer

Jessica Biel in a scene from The Sinner.

Is it possible that the least loved girl in town was involved in the abduction? What psychological effects did the ordeal leave on Kate Wallis? And what will be the reaction of Jeanette Turner, who for a long time was considered a bug and now flies like a beautiful butterfly?

All these questions in this intrigue have Jessica Biel happy, and there are reasons to be: Cruel Summer was the serie most popular channel on the Freeform channel (which broadcast it in the United States) and recently received the green light for the development of a second season. “I assure you, there are more secrets in Skylin,” Biel ends with an air of prediction.


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