Abigail Pereira decompensated in “Masterchef” and had to be assisted

This Tuesday was a day of strong emotions in Masterchef Celebrity Uruguay. The semifinalists of the season were defined and the last elimination took place before decisive instances. As if that were not enough, it was necessary to cook twice.

At least that’s what happened to Abigail Pereira Y Eunice Castro, who after the first test had to repeat the slogan so that, between the two of them, the last semis quota could be resolved. And Abigail didn’t have a good time.

It is that during the first of the challenges of the night, when it was necessary to cook from the leftovers of a buffet and in less time than usual (45 minutes against the usual 60), Pereira lost balance and had to be assisted by the medical staff.

While trying to prepare a case from Lima, although, in her case, from Bella Italia, as she commented, she felt a stitch in her chest and requested that they attend to her. “I have a pressure that is not normal. It is high, but it is also due to the stress that I am experiencing at the moment,” she recounted later.

The funny thing was that no one in the kitchens seemed to notice what was going on. In fact, at one point, Sarah Perrone he said, “What about Abigail who doesn’t scream?”, referring to the usual behavior of her partner, one of the most energetic in the cycle.

Just when he realized to look towards the allowance that corresponded to the artist, he noticed that his partner was not standing. “She’s on the floor,” Puglia said in surprise.

But it did not happen to majors. Abigail was able to recover, continue cooking and deliver her dish, although she was eventually eliminated from the contest. However, her return to television could not take long: they assure that she will be one of the participants in the new season of the Argentine reality show The famous hotelbut the announcement is not yet official.

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Abigail Pereira decompensated in “Masterchef” and had to be assisted