Abel Rodríguez: the actor who played Samir in ‘Chepe Fortuna’ died

The entertainment world is in mourning.

The actor Cuban Abel Rodriguez passed away. At age 50, the stage performer is one of the most remembered celebrities on the Latin American television scene.

In colombia, Rodriguez had roles in well-known soap operas. Probably one of the most recent and most remembered was that of Samir in ‘Chepe Fortuna’.

For years it was known that Rodríguez was residing on Miami In fact, it was part of the ‘Plantados’ recordings.

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The news of his death was made known by Paula Massola, his daughter. She wrote an emotional message on her Instagram account.

Some say I have your lips, and your nose, those who knew you and have talked to me told me that I reminded them of you, I don’t know, but I don’t doubt it. I have to use my imagination, the one they say I also inherited from you, to create scenarios with you where I see you after so long“, published the also actress.

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The 2000s were Rodriguez’s ‘golden age’ of acting. He stood out for his participation in productions such as ‘La viuda de la mafia’ (2005), ‘Verano en venecia’ (2009) and ‘El clon’ (2010).

Then came his role as Samir in ‘Chepe Fortuna’ and his recognition on the national and international scene was much greater.

Abel Rodríguez was one of the protagonists of ‘La viuda de la mafia’.

Regarding his private life, he was married to Edith Massola, with whom he had Paula Massola, who announced the news of the actor’s death.

Abel Rodríguez Summer in Venice

Abel Rodríguez played Miguel Tirado in ‘Verano en Venecia’.

In 2015 it was learned that Rodríguez started an affair with the Colombian actress Anna lopez, with whom, apparently, he was until his last days in Miami.

Abel Rodríguez in Bravíssimo.

Six years ago, Abel Rodríguez was on the ‘Bravíssimo’ program on ‘CityTv’, along with Anna López.

‘Another partner who leaves’

The news shocked the world of Colombian and Latin American entertainment. Several of Rodríguez’s colleagues sent messages of condolences to their relatives and remembered pleasant moments with the actor.

Julio Cesar Herrera, remembered for his role as Fredy in ‘I am Betty, the ugly’, mourned the death of Abel through a publication on his Twitter account.

The actor Eduardo Pastrana had emotional words for both Abel Rodríguez and for Rolando Tarajano, another great Cuban actor recognized in the country.

Pastrana recalled a “very personal advice“That worked for him when he was playing a role.

A great actor and human being left us, my condolences to friends and family“, he concluded.

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Meanwhile, other personalities on the Cuban entertainment scene, such as Carlos Otero or Jacqueline Arenal, they wrote messages of goodbye and thanks for Abel.

Composer Jesús Vides said he was “speechless” after hearing the news. “Great Human Being. Thank you for your wonderful legacy. Have a good trip to eternity, my brother“He posted on his Twitter account along with a photo in which he appears next to the actor.

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