Aaron Díaz and Ana Brenda star in the series ‘Toda la Sangre’

The literary saga “Casasola” by Bernardo Esquinca, was adapted to the series “Toda la Sangre”. In this adaptation, the protagonists are a reporter who encounters crimes as particular as the case of human hearts thrown into the Templo Mayor.

Putting a journalist at the center of the investigation in a Mexico where they are murdered is not a way to do them literary justice, the writer explained. For him, the important thing about his plot is not that the cases are resolved, but to investigate the Mexican identity.

“All the Blood’ wants to understand where violence comes from since the Aztecs and that’s how it is with the entire saga. The idea is not that of most of the police sagas that are made in Mexico, where crimes are tried to be solved, but in general it goes to the past, even if they are crimes of the present.

“There is a paradox in making crime novels in Mexico, where justice does not work. How can a crime novel detective solve crimes in the present? Very hardly, that is a utopia, that is fiction in reality”, considered the writer in an interview.

Esquinca was very satisfied with the series “Toda la Sangre:, which will arrive this Thursday at STARZPLAY in Latin America and Pantaya in the United States on September 15, and he does not hesitate to assure that they improved his novel.

Its clearest example is in the change of gender of Mondragón, judicial that in the book is a man and in the series a woman. This, he says, adds elements to the story and makes it more interesting.

“Now Mondragón is a woman who wants a promotion, there is a pregnancy. She gains in richness, in complexity, and Casasola (Aaron Díaz) has a co-star of the same weight as him, something that does not happen in the novel, ”said the writer.

If the season succeeds in the public’s taste, a second inspired by the first novel, “The Eighth Plague”, and a third based on the fourth book, “Underworld” will be shot. “Carne de Ataúd”, a historical novel about Casasola’s grandfather, would be taken up again as flashbacks.

Esquinca will not stop expanding its universe, because in October it will release the fifth volume of the saga, “Necropolitana”, published by Almadía.

Ana Brenda Contreras calls for more inclusion

To co-star in “Toda la Sangre” as a policewoman, Ana Brenda Contreras discovered how disciplined she can be by exercising more before and during filming.

The actress prefers to focus her attention on those efforts and her acting work, rather than the fact that her character went from being a man in the novel to a woman in the series. For Contreras, narrative changes should not be celebrated, but rather become a constant.

“As a woman and as an actress, I find it incredible to be able to represent a powerful woman in a world run by men. More important would be not to talk about these things anymore, that it be more and more and now, not be: ‘Wow! That Father!’. No, that’s right, that there are more and more different projects like this in Mexico,” she said.

The actress has the same position when talking about the fight for more actors with dark complexion to appear on screen.

“These things should not be talked about, we all have to work. It should be more and more inclusive and normal to see all Mexicans of all the colors and flavors that exist in the country, that we are incredible, “she remarked.

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Aaron Díaz and Ana Brenda star in the series ‘Toda la Sangre’