A young Colombian assures that Shakira is his mother and claims 200 thousand dollars

A young Colombian named Pedro appeared on television and assured that he was an unrecognized son of the singer. Shakira and the actor Santiago Alarcon.

The alleged son confessed that he is seriously ill and that he needs to contact his biological parents to help him cover the costs of his illness, which he did not clarify..

In addition, he assured that he remembers the moment in which Alarcón abandoned him.

“There is a memory of when I was four years old and he went with four friends to look for me, he locked us up, then I grabbed a post and he pulled me hard, and he grabbed me and looked me in the eye! That look I never forget !” he recalled.

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The young man pointed out that he found out the identity of his biological parents when he heard a conversation between his adoptive parents.

“Like when I was 12 or 13 years old, when he was in the series El man es Germán, my adoptive parents talked about it and I, inadvertently, heard everything,” he explained and remarked that he had no trauma from “having been abandoned.”

He accused the Colombian actor of an alleged death threat: “He told me that he was going to send me to kill. Are you going to send to kill your own son, your own blood? I remember that when I was four years old he gave me up for adoption, he never I’ll forget.”

Although Shakira did not comment on the appearance of an alleged son and is in Barcelona recording her next video clip with Ozuna, Santiago Alarcón reacted to this accusation.

The actor assured that he is being harassed by this young man who claims to be his son: “I am being the victim of harassment, rape in the workplace and extortion by a young man, whose name I am going to omit on the recommendation of the lawyer.”

“Four years ago I received a message that said: ‘Hello, dad. I’m your son. You abandoned me, my adoptive mother told me,’ but I didn’t pay attention to it,” he revealed on his social networks.

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“The boy assures that I gave him up for adoption in 1992, when I was 12 years old. Imagine me at 12 giving him up for adoption, and there goes the case of what I was telling you about extortion, because he asks for 190 thousand dollars” , explained the actor revealing this story.

Alarcón remarked that the young man told him that his mother was the Colombian singer: “He assures that his mother, you will not believe me and I am ashamed to name her, but it is time to say it so that you can see the story, it is Shakira. It is something very crazy”.

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A young Colombian assures that Shakira is his mother and claims 200 thousand dollars