July 4, 2021

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A stir for an explicit scene in one of the most watched Netflix series

1625004717 Netflix has a series for women bored with their sex

It’s been less than a week since the series premiered Sex/Life on Netflix, and in this short period of time it is not only on everyone’s lips on social networks but it is already in the ranking of the most viewed internationally.

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Carlota Bisbe Mases

The series narrates a love triangle between a woman, her ex-partner and her husband. Sarah, bored with the monotony of her life with her husband, begins to fantasize with her ex-partner, Brad, who broke her heart in the past, but at the same time with whom she enjoyed a life full of passion and adventure.

She fantasizes all the time.

In less than a week of its premiere, Sex / Life is already in the ranking of the most viewed worldwide


Sarah constantly travels to the past with her mind imagining her best wishes and writing all her fantasies in a journal that her husband ends up catching. It is there, in episode 3 at 19.50 minutes, when a full male nude appears, which has generated a stir of comments on Twitter.

All the subscribers of the platform have been surprised by the scene: “Seeing the new series Sex/Life episode 3 minute 20.00 and wondering if Netflix tracks how many times we rewind and watch again because… I’m on the fourth time, ”said a Twitter user.

The creator of the series herself has spoken about it, ensuring that it was important to include this scene for two main reasons: it allows the viewer to see how far she is capable of going and because it speaks of the protagonist’s desire.

Unlike other fictions of this kind, Sex/Life, instead of being thought from a male point of view, it is thought from the gaze of the protagonist, her desires and her experiences, according to the creator in Collider.

There is no lack of steamy scenes but there is a bit of imagination.

It has not yet been renewed for a second season


Although it is one of the series of the moment and is on everyone’s lips, especially on social networks, Sex/Life it has not yet been renewed for a second season.

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