A new home for Eda and Serkan and the official pregnancy announcement in the endearing chapter 50 of ‘Love is in the air’

The characters of Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin have received sweet news and, although they weren’t ready to say it, things have gone a different path.

Big surprise in season 2 of Love is in the air. Eda (Hande Erçel) is pregnant and Serkan Bolat (Kerem Bürsin) is there to enjoy the baby’s growth. Contrary to what happened the first time, the couple will be able to live the pregnancy hand in hand and they could not be happier with it. It is the ‘cliffhanger’ that chapter 49 of You steal my door and 50 has started right where it left off: “There is a little Bolat. Yours, mine and Kiraz”says the landscaper.

“Are you really pregnant? Isn’t it a dream? Are you pregnant? I’ll be there all the time and we’ll do everything together.” Serkan Bolat cannot believe that his partner is expecting his baby and explodes with love and affection when he breaks the news. He wants to shout it from the rooftops and throw a party with his family and friends, but she asks him to be careful.

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At the same time, the future father is bringing out his most obsessive side. If the old Serkan was already controlling and no detail was lost, the new one is not going to leave Eda alone. You want to make sure the doctor who sees you is a good one and asks your partner to meet him. In consultation, things do not improve. The doctor is a little late and that gets on Bolat’s nerves, who feels dizzy. “The next appointment is in a month? That’s a very long month, I think you should see us every other day.”he tells the gynecologist.

Although Eda and Serkan don’t want to tell their families anything, her symptoms are beginning to show. Her aunt and Melo realize that she is much more hungry, tired, and sleepy all the time. In fact, he falls asleep during the meeting with an important client for the new Art Life and, although everything seems to go wrong, it is finally fixed. On the other hand, her friends and family begin to worry about her, but the Bolat Yildiz take away the iron from the matter.

Eda and Serkan have several fronts open right now. On the one hand, the surprise of pregnancy. On the other, the creation of the new company, a project that also has them very excited. To this must be added a new piece of news from the architect: you have bought a new home and want your family to move out. Eda worries about money – they just opened the office, they have to save for the new member … – but he had bought it years ago.

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“Do you remember Pyryl and the team asking you all the time what kind of house you would like? Window, curtains… I wrote everything. But I don’t know, maybe your thoughts, your tastes, have changed. We will have a second child, so I don’t know if you want blackout curtains to keep out the light. I didn’t touch anything, but in one room I did do something, “she tells him before taking him to the room she has prepared for her future son or daughter.

All good on the part of the couple, but this would not be Love is in the air if there weren’t any other complication. Mrs. Aydan has misinterpreted a conversation by Eda and believes that she is going to Italy with a man with whom she is deeply in love. On the other hand, little Kiraz has heard her mother talk about the matter and is excited about the idea of ​​having a baby brother or sister. The news of Eda’s pregnancy and is about to blow up and does it during a meal to receive Aydan’s mother-in-law. “If this folic acid is not Pina’s or mine … whose is it?” Asks Melo. The eyes are directed to Eda, who decides to jump into the pool and, now, scream that she is pregnant.