A new exit in ‘La que se avecina’: goodbye to one of its most classic characters

The well-known Telecinco comedy faces its 13th season with more casualties than expected.

season 13 of the one that is coming It will arrive with more casualties than expected. Telecinco’s veteran comedy is already heading towards its new installment and will do so with great absences. In addition to José Luis Gil, who will not be Enrique Pastor again for the time being, and Víctor Palmero, who said goodbye to Alba a long time ago, Vanesa Romero has confirmed that it will no longer be part of Mediaset’s fiction.

The reason is simple: schedule incompatibility. Between season 12 and 13 there was a break that allowed the interpreters to look for other jobs. Romero has focused, among other things, on his personal projects and, therefore, does not have time to participate in the filming of the following chapters. “Right now I have other professional projects and we are trying to balance the agenda,” Romero tells Formula TV, “It’s been two years of hiatus and new projects have emerged.” Of course, he hopes to appear in an episode.

I hope this season to be in some chapter and continue enjoying the series. This season I will not be […]. I hope that at some point Raquel reappears

Romero has been playing Raquel since the first season and, although she is not part of the core of the cast, her absence will be noticed. Especially in a stage like this, where there are already several notable casualties.

Season 13 of ‘La que se avecina’ begins filming with new characters and several casualties

season 13 of the one that is coming is starting its filming and will not be released until 2023. It will first arrive in Amazon Prime Video and, later, it will be seen in a traditional way on Telecinco. In the new chapters, the neighbors have already left Montepinar behind and have moved to a new building, where they will begin a new stage.

While some have said goodbye to the cast, others arrive to incorporate some new spark. This is the case of Mamen García and Laura Gómez-Lacueva, two actresses who will become the new neighbors of fiction. Both are old acquaintances of Laura and Alberto Caballero, the creators of the one that is comingsince García participated in the series in 2007 and Gómez-Lacueva has already appeared in The village.

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A new exit in ‘La que se avecina’: goodbye to one of its most classic characters