A Netflix series unleashed an international scandal and was banned in one country: which is it?

It is a series that Netflix had to remove from its platform after “infuriating and hurting the feelings” of the Vietnamese audience

The streaming platform Netflix she was forced to remove the spy series from her catalog Pine Gap in Vietnam after receiving a complaint from the authorities for referring to a historical conflict between that country and China.

Reportedly, the decision of the platform streaming se gave after losing a lawsuit.

“The Netflix violations infuriated and hurt the feelings of the entire town of Vietnam“said the Electronic Information and Broadcasting Authority in a statement released by the Vietnamese Ministry of Information and Communication on July 1. The authorities’ argument is that, in two of the episodes of the series, a map is shown showing it exhibits the so-called “line of nine points”, a disputed area.

In recent years, tensions between China and Vietnam in the South China Sea they increased due to the exploitation of fisheries and the natural resources of the waters. As reported by Reuters, the map that appears briefly in scenes in a spy base control room shows the “nine point line” declared unilaterally by China, without any clarification on maritime conflicts in the region.

Netflix was forced to remove the spy series Pine Gap in Vietnam from its catalog

“This is the third time in a row in the last 12 months that Netflix it distributes films and television programs with content that violates the sovereignty of Vietnam, “added the authorities of that country.

The “nine point line” is a characteristic “U” shape used ins chinese maps to illustrate its claim over vast stretches of the resource-rich South China Sea, including large swaths of what Vietnam considers its continental shelf, where it has also granted oil concessions.

The series was eliminated in Vietnam

Faced with the complaint, Netflix confirmed that it removed the series in Vietnam, but warned that it will continue to be available in the rest of the world. “Following a lawsuit from the Vietnamese content regulator, we have removed the Pine Gap licensed series from the Netflix platform in Vietnam to comply with local law,” said a company spokesperson.

In two episodes, the fiction shows the maritime zone between Vietnam and China

In two episodes, the fiction shows the maritime zone between Vietnam and China

Pine Gap shows a set of facilities located in the middle of a desert Australian valley, a few kilometers from the small town of Alice Springs. The fictional characters seek to collect as much information as possible about Russia, China, the Middle East, India, Pakistan and North Korea, their most feared political-economic-military rivals, through surveillance, wiretapping and satellite drones.