“A lot of splash, splash and everything but I’m already big millets” … Your vacation is a nightmare!

The eldest daughter of the writer Ernestina Sodi, Laura Zapata’s niece, Camila Sodi, seemed most happy during his vacation in northern Mexico, however, his plans took a turn at the last minute after experiencing a mishap in the middle of the sea in Los Cabos.

Camila Sodi he enjoyed the sand, the sun, the sea while showing his silhouette in Beaches Baja California, but everything fell apart after he starred in an incident in his ankle which ended with the enjoyment of his well-deserved vacation.

The popular actress who gave life to “Erika Camil” in Luis Miguel: The Series, Camila Ía González Sodi, wore a tiny yellow outfit while enjoying the big waves on the beaches of Acapulco while doing fun water activities, but everything took an unexpected turn.


The “ex of Diego Boneta“She shared a message in which she hinted that her wonderful vacation would have ended after a mishap in her ankle, the actress shared a series of photographs that alerted her followers:” Look at what a simple footfall in the sand ended up, “she shared .

A lot of splash, splash and everything … But I’m already big, millets … Commented the singer’s niece Thalía.

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The mother of Fiona and Jerónimo Luna, swam in the crystal clear waters of the resort and even shared a series of snapshots, in which she showed part of her fun with a close-up of her rear covered by the brown sand of Los Cabos beach , Baja California.

However, moments later, an image showed his foot wrapped in a cast, referring that his fun stopped after he injured his ankle.

Come on, ma’am, so that you sit down, it reads in the message that accompanies the photograph.

The ex of Diego Luna, juggled in the water prior to the incident and her most loyal admirers did not stop highlighting how beautiful she looked with her yellow beach outfit that combined perfectly with her marked silhouette.

You are a goddess, ‘You have a great body’, ‘I love that smile’, ‘The luckiest sand in the world’, were some of the comments she received in the publication which added 335. 238 I like it.

However, the one who was a partner of the Mexican actor and filmmaker, for 6 years, was forced to stop one afternoon games on the waters.

In another of the images that González Sodi shared, he appears on a cot with a bandage on his foot and resting after the agetreo that ended with a bad footfall in the sand.

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“He reassured his fans”

Similarly, in an attempt not to further alert her followers, the theater, film and television actress revealed the details of her injury, clarifying that it was nothing serious.

Nothing will ever sit me down, a sprained ankle but never beaten, wrote the actress of “On the other side of the bed”, staging in which she debuted sharing credits with Humberto Zurita.

Later, after resting for a few hours, he resumed his physical activities in a gym and boasted the intense exercise routine that allows him to eat without worrying about his figure

Ankle at 100, I’m going slowly but surely. He almost ran over someone but he got off in time, he concluded.

And it is that contrary to what might be believed the actress of “Teresa” has shown that it is not limited to the time of tasting a delicious meal and even a few months ago she was hospitalized for an intestinal infection.

Fortunately, his health improved during the last hours, however, his testimony did not stop worrying more than one of his followers.

It was in full promotion of the film in which “The exorcism of Carmen Farías” participated, when the famous woman showed her past admission to a hospital in Mexico City.

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In another of the videos, Camila Ía González Sodi clarified that her discomfort was caused by “excessive food intake.”