6 reasons why Amazon’s ‘Wheel of Time’ is worth it: the successor to ‘Game that Thrones’ that doesn’t want to be

Prime Video premieres the first three episodes of the fantasy series based on the famous literary saga this Friday, November 19 and, subsequently, a weekly chapter.

This Friday, November 19, it opens in Amazon Prime Video one of those series that seems destined, almost from its first stages of development, to become a guaranteed success. Adaptation of one of the most famous fantasy literary sagas of all time with millions of copies sold worldwide, The Wheel of Time It is already a reality that fulfills the dreams of many readers who have been looking forward to it since the project began to take its first steps.

The task not only seemed ambitious, but really difficult, but its co-producers Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures Television have tied the blanket to the head of the hand of Rafe Judkins, creator, ‘showrunner’ and leader of a team of writers who are has left the skin to bring to the screen a story that was already complex on paper. Fantasy, magic, powers, characters full of charisma and an adventure full of twists and emotions is the winning combination for which the team has bet, although, at the same time, the expectations are so high and the scrutiny to which it will be subjected by its fans will be so exhaustive, that the pressure has been maximum.

Also, the environment The Wheel of Time has to deal with comparisons with Game of Thrones, something that seems inevitable if we take into account that, as the unforgettable HBO series was in its day, it is a series adaptation of a famous fantasy literature saga. Nevertheless, Although being compared with the title that made history on the small screen may be perceived as a compliment, it seems that the team of the series has no interest in doing so. And, when asked about it, they are quick to specify that they don’t share much more than gender and their adaptive status.

Guide to enter ‘The Wheel of Time’, the fantasy series that does not make the biggest mistake of ‘Game of Thrones’

They spoke about it in a recent interview with various media including SensaCine, on the occasion of the expected premiere: “I think the comparison with Game of Thrones it’s just that it’s the only other huge fantasy series that can be pointed to “, sentenced Mike Weber, one of the creators of the series. “We are certainly on the same scale and level of production quality as Game of Thrones but I think that’s where the similarities end. “

We have our own storylines and our unique characters, who I really think are closer to real people than a lot of the ‘Game of Thrones’ characters. The audience will be able to see not one but many of the characters in our series, something that was seen more distant in ‘Game of Thrones’ [Mike Weber, productor]

However, if what attracts you to The Wheel of Time it is precisely that it has been compared with Game of Thrones, never mind. It is a reason like any other to give a chance to a series that really has many ballots to dazzle. Here they go 6 more reasons why the long-awaited Amazon Prime video series is worth it:


The Wheel of Time It is the adaptation of the famous homonymous fantasy saga written by Robert Jordan –and finished by Brandon Sanderson- that has so much prestige among fans of the genre. The first of the books in the saga, The eye of the world, was published in 1990, although it would not be until 2013 that the last novel would be published. By the way, 14 books and 20 in its edition in Spain, those necessary to tell the story of Moiraine, a powerful woman in the service of an organization known as the Aes Sedai who is in charge of controlling that magic – whose use is only allowed by some women – does not fall into the wrong hands. Its objective: meet the Dragon Reborn, an important figure who, according to legend, is destined to save or destroy the world.

After the death in 2007 of the author of the saga due to a serious illness, Brandon Sanderson took on the task of completing the story and signed the last three books in the saga according to the notes that the main author had left while alive.

Both Sanderson and Jordan’s widow, Harriett McDougal, have served as consultants to the team and have been very helpful to Judkins in the adaptation process. “I know Rafe [Judkins] He talks to them and our researchers and others talk to them a lot while they are writing, getting advice and making sure that all the key points are being touched. They have been very valuable to Rafe, “said producer Marigo Kehoe in the same interview.


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Set in a world where magic exists, with powerful characters and epic battles in which the use of the different supernatural abilities that its protagonists possess, come into play. you can count on the series to be visually spectacular.

Filmed mostly in the landscapes of the Czech Republic, the budget that Amazon Studios has dedicated to the production has not been officially confirmed, although some approximate figures have been published. In any case, being The Wheel of Time one of his most ambitious projects and functioning as the prelude to The Lord of the Rings, his other great fantasy project, no one will be surprised that too much has not been spared when it comes to having the best effects and building the best possible scenarios to honor the universe created by Jordan.

And that is what is perceived, of course, in the first episodes of the first season of The Wheel of Time, with breathtaking landscapes, promising shots, epic action scenes – and even horror – all perfectly choreographed.


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Starting with Moiraine, the brand new protagonist who plays Rosamund Pike, the cast of characters from The Wheel of Time It is the linchpin that makes Robert Jordan’s story on paper not only work like a shot, but so compelling. Many of them have powers, yes, and they are immersed in a supernatural adventure that hardly even they can believe themselves, but theyu best virtue is that they are totally earthly and charismatic characters. A group of young villagers who have lived their entire lives in Dos Ríos and who overnight find that they are related to a legend that turns out to be real.

Also, the dynamics between Rand (Josha Stradowski), Perrin (Marcus Rutherford), Mat Cauthon (Barney Harris), Egwene (Madeleine Madden), Nynaeve (Zoë Robins) are super interesting and it is an enjoyment, even fun, to see them interact.


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Throughout the previous points we have already advanced a lot about the adventure that the protagonists will be experiencing, but it is well worth dedicating one of the reasons to see The Wheel of Time to the story we’re about to embark on. A story that took 23 years on paper and that any book lover will sell you as exciting. And of course, what begins to be built in its first episodes, promises.

Summing up a bit, The Wheel of Time begins with the arrival of Moiraine to Dos Ríos. There, among a young group of locals, the powerful Aes Sedai believes that the future Dragon Reborn may be found.or, a person destined to save the world who, if he falls into the wrong hands, those of the Dark One, could end up destroying it. The bad thing is that the Dark One’s henchmen are also looking for him.

Still not knowing who it is, Moiraine and her faithful guardian al’Lan Mandragoran begin a journey full of dangers alongside them. His objective: to reach the White Tower, the center of power.


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If you haven’t read The Wheel of Time and you haven’t even heard of it, don’t worry. As already happened with Game of Thrones, there’s no need. The team of Rafe Judkins has left the skin in carrying out the best adaptation and, Although the series is full of certain terminology and concepts with which you may feel a bit lost at first, they quickly penetrate your mind and practically in the first episode you are completely located in the story and open to continue understanding the rich world that expands before your eyes.

Also, if fantasy is not your star genre, it is not a reason to go from The Wheel of Time, since, again like HBO fiction or like The Lord of the rings, The new Amazon series is a whole set and with the potential for all types of audiences to identify themselves to a greater or lesser extent.


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Another key point that adds points and confidence to The Wheel of Time is the great commitment made by Amazon Prime Video. In the absence of a few days until the premiere of the first season, the series is already guaranteed two more deliveries. A second whose filming is already underway and a third that was confirmed recently and that will begin filming immediately after the second.

But that will not be all. With no less than 14 original source books, the intention of Rafe Judkins and his team is to adapt the entire saga, with as many seasons as necessary. At the moment Judkins has planned eight seasons to adapt the vast amount of original material that exists, but it will be the route of the series that finally determines the final number.

“Our goal is to adapt all the books and how many seasons it ends up being that is still anyone’s guess. But we want to carry this series to its final outcome in the fourteenth book. That is the goal “, said producer Mike Weber in his interview with SensaCine.

REMEMBER: Prime Video premieres this November 19 the first three episodes of The Wheel of Time to later premiere a new chapter every Friday, which will culminate with the final episode on December 24.

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6 reasons why Amazon’s ‘Wheel of Time’ is worth it: the successor to ‘Game that Thrones’ that doesn’t want to be