5 Turkish series to watch on Netflix after the end of ‘Love is in the air’

The successful Turkish soap opera has already aired its last episode in its home country. In Spain, according to our calculations, it will come to an end in the last week of October.

The turkish series they have captivated thousands of viewers in recent years. The worldwide phenomenon is leaving its mark on the grid of the main Spanish television networks. And no wonder. Turkish soap operas have all the ingredients to hook the public: love, heartbreak, revenge, crimes, family conflicts …

The Turkish phenomenon came to our country with Fatmagul, issued in Nova. Later, Can Yaman conquered the hearts of the Spanish with Erkenci Kus: Dreaming Bird. From that moment on, the premieres of new Turkish soap operas have been continuous. Last month I arrived at Antena 3 in the afternoon Innocent, becoming the audience leader in its time slot.

One of the great successes of recent seasons has been Love is in the air next to those already finished Woman (Kadin) and My daughter. The story of Eda and Serkan hooked the public from the first moment and, to the sadness of their fans, on September 8, the last episode of the successful telenovela was broadcast in Turkey. In Spain, according to our calculations, will end at the end of October.

The Turkish series coming to Spain this new season

However, it is not only mainstream televisions that have seen Turkish series an opportunity for success. When inquiring into the catalog of Netflix, we have found a great variety of content. So if you’ve been hooked on Love is in the air, or you are a lover of Ottoman stories, below we have selected you five Turkish series available on the streaming platform.


Crossing It is the Turkish series most similar to those broadcast by Spanish television. This Turkish soap opera follows businessman Ali Nejat Karasu, a ex racing driver that he inherited a great fortune from his father. His dream is to launch the best car of all time. During a vacation in Italy with his best friend, Ali meets an idealistic pediatrician who will captivate them. From that moment on, the protagonist’s life will change forever.

Duration: Two seasons with 13 episodes and a third with 5 episodes


If you are a fan of vampire series and movies, Immortals is the next title you have to see on Netflix. This Turkish series moves away from romanticism to enter the fantasy genre. Mia was a human who in the 19th century was turned into a vampire against her will. Now, he seeks revenge on the man who took away his precious humanity, Dmitry. The leader of the vampires is in search of an object that will make him immortal. A very different plot that surely hooks more than one. What’s more, Kerem Bursin, the beloved actor who plays Serkan in Love is in the air, is in charge of giving life to Dmitry.

Duration: A season with 8 episodes.

50 M2

50 m2 features one of the best-known faces in Turkey, Engin Öztürk (Fatmagul). Öztürk gets into the skin of a hit man who wants to discover the truth about his past. To do this, he must betray his bosses and the person who has cared for him all his life. To save himself, he changes his identity and moves to a neighborhood in Istanbul. One day someone finds him and since then nothing has been the same again.

Duration: A season of 8 episodes.


Known in Spain as Amor de Contrabando, this Turkish telenovela was the second to hit Nova’s grill, achieving great audience data. Kara para ask follows a newly graduated police officer, who is assigned the double murder on top of a cliff. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he discovers that one of the lifeless bodies is that of his wife.

Duration: A season with 164 episodes.

LOVE 101

If you liked series like Rebel O Physics and chemistry, you can’t miss Love 101. This Turkish youth series premiered on the platform during the quarantine Set in the late 80s and early 90s, cFour students from a high school in Istanbul They are about to be expelled for their bad behavior. Eda, Osman, Sinan and Kerem only have the support of Professor Burcu, who is going to transfer shortly. The young people will join forces to try to get their teacher together with the basketball coach. In turn, the four of them will have to deal with their own problems.

Duration: A season with 8 episodes. On September 30, the second season opens.

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