5 points to enter ‘The Last of Us’, the new HBO series

2023 starts off big with some series that have raised quite a bit of expectation for a while now. And in that sense, we could well think of The Last of Us as one of the most anticipated of the moment, by far.

Even before its premiere, this installment means for many fans the opportunity to show that you can make a good adaptation of a video game for other media.

Well… It’s not that there aren’t great adaptations of games to TV or movies, but it’s fair to say that the experiment almost always has a negative balance. The thing is that, on this occasion, the ingredients are served so that let’s have a program that leaves a pleasant taste in our mouths, with HBO behind it all.

From the game to TV: Check out the first preview of the 'The Last of Us' series here
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The launch of the series will be this Sunday, January 15 and here, We review 5 points so that they enter The Last of Us.

The plot of The Last of Us series

In essence, the series The Last of Us It will faithfully follow the plot of the video game. Those who know the franchise already know where the story is going. But for those who don’t, the plot is set in a post-apocalyptic time period of 20 years after the world’s population is infected with a virus that basically turns them into zombies (and there are a few more dangerous creatures out there). and horrendous).

joel he is a smuggler capable of doing anything to have certain comforts in the midst of chaos, and has been hired to remove a girl named Ellie from an oppressive quarantine zone. The point is that the minor is the key to finding a cure against this virus that has decimated the planet, because she seems to be immune.

The fights will come when, on their journey to move it away from that place, they not only face the dangers of the monsters that stalk them, but also the interests of other people who cross their paths. In addition, the paternity bond between our protagonists will be cemented with each chapter (of 10 in total), which will call into question the work that has been entrusted to Joel. Here the trailer.

Will the series be completely faithful to the video game?

As some will remember, several years ago The Last of Us it was to be adapted into a film, with Sam Raimi directing. The company Screen Gemsproperty of Sony that was behind the saga of resident Evil With Milla Jovovich, he was the one who coordinated the production of that installment that never advanced beyond pre-production.

What was the theme? Well, apparently, the executives did not want to respect the vision that Neil Druckman -creator, writer and creative director of the video game- had for the script of that film. Generally speaking, he wanted the game’s essence of horror, suspense and drama to be respected, while the producers wanted the film to have plenty of action scenes so that it would sell at the box office. Here We tell you more of that story.

The Story of Sam Raimi's 'The Last of Us' Movie That Didn't Happen
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The movie project fell through, but Neil and The Last of Us found creative freedom years later with HBO. Of course, although the series paints to be almost 100 percent inspired by the 2013 video game, Druckmann has said that there will be a few different things.

“HBO has been great at pushing us to move away from the hard action to focus more on the drama of the character. Some of my favorite episodes so far have strayed too far from the story and I can’t wait for people to see them… Things get a lot alike sometimes. It’s fun to see my writing of the games in the HBO scripts… sometimes they deviate a lot with an improved effect because we are dealing with a different mediumsaid Neil Druckmann in an interview with IGN.

Of course, the creative, who directed an episode and is an executive producer of the series, has not said what those changes will be between the game and the show. But it seems that he is quite excited about this installment.

5 points to enter 'The Last of Us', the new HBO series
Neil Druckman. Photo: Getty.

An old HBO acquaintance writes in the series and that excites many

Of course we won’t know until we see the whole series, but The Last of Us looks to be a hit. And a good part of the expectation that the show has raised comes from the fact that craig mazin is one of the creatives behind it.

Mazin is the creator and screenwriter who brought us the spectacular miniseries in 2019 Chernobyl, which became a true HBO phenomenon at the time. Starting from that series and TLOU they share the apocalyptic essence, the suspense, in addition to the clichés of survival, it shows that the chain thought very well about who should accompany Neil Druckmann in writing the program.

5 points to enter 'The Last of Us', the new HBO series
Neil Druckman and Craig Mazin. Photo: Getty.

The cast of The Last of Us

Two other longtime HBO acquaintances come to the series of The Last of Us. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramseywhom we saw a few years ago as part of the recurring cast of game of thronesYes, they have the starring roles of Joel and Ellie respectively.

Gabriel Luna, Anna Torv, Merle Dandridge, Nico Parker, Murray Bartlett, Nick Offerman, Storm Reid and Scott Shepherd are the other members of the cast and whose characters will be of vital importance in this story. Next, we leave you the complete guide to the characters of the series so that you can get to know them in a little more detail:

Future plans for the franchise

Of course it’s too soon to talk about how long the series will last. The Last of Us. And taking into account that we only have two video games of the franchise (the one from 2013 and the one from 2020) plus downloadable content titled left behindwe can hope that the program will not last too long.

The bets range from two seasons with the possibility of extending it to a third, depending on how the adaptation is distributed. But both Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin have said that they do not intend for this to become such a long production (what happened to game of Throneshehe), even if a third game was released in the future.

“Unless something miraculous happened and production of the game was sped up 1000% and the third game magically came out…I’m not interested in going beyond existing source material…as a writer, I don’t want to be in a position to spin the tables. plates to just take out season after season of stuff. It’s important to me that things have a purpose, and if they have a purpose, that means they have an end. That means that everything you do is carefully picked and chosen, not just moving forward,” Mazin said at a recent conference (via gizmodo)

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5 points to enter ‘The Last of Us’, the new HBO series