30 new pirate IPTV websites in the spotlight

The pirated IPTV platforms They cannot leave a single thing to chance, since as soon as they have the slightest slip, the anti-piracy associations will go after them. The IP addresses, the information they give when registering domains, or the means of payment used are usually the most used identification mechanisms. To receive this data, they have to request it from the companies through the courts, and now they have requested to identify the creators of several of these services.

Specifically, the MPA and ACE They filed a request for Cloudflare just before Christmas. In it, they asked the company to give them as much information as possible about five domains related to IPTV pirate. Cloudflare is the most widely used CDN in the world, and they allow pirated IPTV services to easily replicate their content around the world without cluttering origin servers.

Thus, Cloudflare It is often accused of collaborating with piracy, but they only replicate content. Being hired by pirate websites, the website usually has access to multitude of personal data of the owners of the IPTV web pages pirate, such as full names, physical addresses, IP address, phone number, email, payment information, etc. Before taking these measures, they usually contact the portals to voluntarily close. If they don’t, they already start the judicial process.

Blocking of 5 pirate websites

In the application, the information is requested from five web portals related to pirate IPTV. The first is hypersonic-tv.com, which seems to be no longer accessible. The website has been sued for offering access to two pirated movies.

The second portal is apollogroup.tv, which offers access to more than 1,000 HD channels and 5,000 streaming movies and series for the hefty price of $ 24.99 per month, or $ 159.99 per year. In this case, they also offer two pirated films owned by the plaintiffs: Soul and Fast & Furious 9.

The third is beastiptv.us, where Beast IPTV claims to offer access to 9,000 channels and 3,000 content on demand for $ 15.99 per month, or $ 49.99 per year. The service offers the Netflix movie Extraction, for which they have been sued. The last two are topdhosting.com Y fitiptv.com. The latter offers accounts for end users, as well as access to resellers with an app.

Blocking more than 20 domains

The lawsuit requires Cloudflare to block more than twenty pirate IPTV websites. Before taking this process to court, the MPA must demonstrate that it has contacted Internet operators to block access to these portals. In the event that they have not been blocked, then they can already take the process to court. The list of websites that require blocking is as follows, most of which are Italian or Brazilian:

tvhai.org, motchill.net, watchsomuch.org, flixtor.to, noonoo1.tv, afdah.video, ilgeniodellostreaming.re, ilgeniodellostreaming.si, ilgeniodellostreaming.cat, ilgeniodellostreaming.moe, ilgeniodellostreaming.mba, igds.se, seriesonlineweb. com, poorflix.online, superflix.plus, torrentdosfilmeshd2.net, seriesflix2.com, cooz.co, assistironline.net, comoeubaixo.com, megaseriesonline.org, amazflixhd.com, temseries.online, filmesonlinehd1.org and pianku.li.

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30 new pirate IPTV websites in the spotlight