June 13, 2021

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3 of the most popular Netflix series you have to watch

3 of the most popular Netflix series you have to

The streaming content industry is growing more and more. Even if Netflix had a great success after its launch and positioned itself as the favorite platform of millions of people, today the competition is much more closed in the production of original series and movies.

The growth of Disney + has been joined by the arrival of Paramount +, Star + and HBO Max, so Reed Hastings’ company knows that it has to make an effort to maintain its leadership, which is why every month it renews its extensive catalog of productions, giving special importance to its original content.

On this occasion, in From10.mx, we collected three of the series that are part of the most viewed throughout this 2021 globally, which have great stories and actors at the forefront, so you should check them out… Take note!

3 of the most popular Netflix series you have to watch

1. The snake

This series is becoming one of the new Netflix sensations. Since its premiere on April 2, the co-production between the streaming platform and the BBC has risen among the most watched. Perhaps it has not had much promotion, but it is one of the most reproduced.

It is a miniseries of eight episodes, based on real events, in which the story of Charles Sobhraj, a murderer who killed several people in the mid-1970s in Asia.

This subject was the main suspect in unsolved murders of young Western travelers in India, Thailand and the “Hippie Trail” of Nepal. Sobhraj had escaped from authorities around the world several times and became Interpol’s most wanted man, with arrest warrants on three different continents. He earned the nickname “The snake“For that ability to slip away and remain free, while for his modus operandi, he came to be known as”The Bikini Killer”.

3 extraordinary series you can watch on Netflix

(Photo: Netflix)

two. Snowpiercer

This story is set seven years after the world turned into a desert of ice. It focuses on the vestiges of humanity and a train with 1001 cars that has the last living human beings, which marches around the planet divided by classes.

In this television adaptation, Jennifer connelly portray a first-class passenger and voice of the train, while Daveed Diggs is a prisoner who survives in the final section, “the tail.” Social injustice and the politics of survival are seriously questioned in this television adaptation.

This Netflix series consists of two seasons of 10 episodes each, and we are waiting for the third installment.

3 extraordinary series you can watch on Netflix

(Photo: Netflix)

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3. New Amsterdam

On February 15, New Amsterdam hit Netflix. It was first broadcast on Antena 3 and later on Amazon Prime Vieo, but although it was not a series completely unknown to the public, it was until it reached the Reed Hastings platform that it became a success.

New Amsterdam It is the second most watched series on Netflix so far this year. The reason? It is a series of hospitals, but with a very interesting plot.

The protagonist is Dr. Max Goodwin, the hospital’s newest medical director, an idealist who sets out to break through bureaucracy and provide exceptional care, breaking with the old healthcare system. It is a fast series, with millions of stories and inclusive.

3 extraordinary series you can watch on Netflix

(Photo: Netflix)

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