3 new series that premiere this week on Netflix and Amazon and that are shaping up to be the top of 2021

‘The Wheel of Time’, ‘Cowboy Bebop’ and ‘Rumbo al Infierno’ lead a week of fabled premieres that could well become the most important of the year.

Starts a most powerful week for the most serial viewers. Although in just a month and a half we will be saying goodbye to 2021, it is not surprising that some of the most important streaming platforms have reserved some of their most anticipated releases for the final stretch of the year, as happened a year ago in Netflix with The Bridgertons or The Witcher Two years ago. Luckily for series lovers, The week that begins hosts several premieres of new series that are shaping up to be among the top of the year.

You can sign up for a specific day, in fact, since the three long-awaited series that we propose share a premiere date: November 19, 2021.

Whether or not they finally sneak into the best series of 2021 remains to be seen, but they have potential for it. However, although we have selected three, they are not the only outstanding releases of the week, since in the coming days we will also enjoy the debut of new and long-awaited seasons: the monday of Perfect life, Leticia Dolera’s series for Movistar +; the sixth of Riverdale, also in Movistar; and the monday of Tiger King, the documentary series about the private big cat zoo that swept Netflix subscribers during the pandemic.

Take note of these below three new series that premiere this week on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and that are shaping up to be the top of 2021.


Few projects seem as ambitious as the task of adapting The Wheel of Time, one of the most popular fantasy literary sagas published in 14 volumes -20 in Spain- by acclaimed author Robert Jordan -and finished by Brandon Sanderson after his death-. The person in charge of carrying out the complex task has been Rafe Judkins, ‘showrunner’ of the series that Amazon Prime Video premieres next Friday after several years of hard work. And the result promises to be as epic as it is flawless, with Amazon and the team having put it all together for the best adaptation that its millions of readers around the world could hope for.

Starring Rosamund Pike in the title role of Moiraine, the new fiction from Amazon Studios presents us with a fantasy world in which magic exists, but in which only a few women are allowed to use it. One of them is precisely Moiraine, who is a member of the Aes Sedai, a powerful organization at the service of controlling that the One Power falls into the wrong hands. Convinced that among them is the Reborn Dragon, the powerful woman reaches Dos Ríos to find the person who could well save the world and end up destroying it completely.

Premiere: November 19 on Amazon Prime Video


Whether you are a fan or not of the famous anime, Cowboy Bebop is one of those series that comes to make you enjoy like a child hand in hand with an adventure full of fun, action, twists and some really charismatic characters. And if Netflix is ​​in charge of adapting what is considered one of the best and most famous Japanese animation series of all time into a live action series, expectations grow considerably.

Thus, after several years it has become one of the most anticipated premieres on the part of the big N platform, of the debut of Cowboy Bebop is finally around the corner. If you were already a fan of anime from the late 90s, we know that you are looking forward to it, but, if not, do not miss the trailer on these lines, which is a full-fledged cover letter. With John Cho at the helm, the fiction centers on a group of bounty hunters who travel aboard a ship, Bebop, while chasing criminals through the solar system.

Premiere: November 19 on Netflix


Until a couple of months ago it was not on the radar, but, since The Squid Game Korean fiction has become fashionable, the new Netflix series Heading to Hell is among the most anticipated.

In its new original series for South Korea, Netflix has bet on terror, fantasy and suspense. A winning combo from the hand of Sang-Ho Yeon, its creator, who presents us with a dark story set in a world where something terrifying is happening: After receiving the mysterious “visit” from a figure who predicts the exact moment when they will die, some people check how when their time is exhausted, they are violently murdered by huge and monstrous supernatural beings that drag them directly to hell.

In this context, a police detective investigates crimes while, around him, hundreds of thousands of terrified people will do whatever it takes not to become his next victim. Standing hairs.

Premiere: November 19 on Netflix

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3 new series that premiere this week on Netflix and Amazon and that are shaping up to be the top of 2021