1967 Interview Reveals Leonard Nimoy’s “Ear Grooming”


Leonard Nimoy en 1967

Mhen fans celebrate the 55th anniversary of “Star Trek,” great attention has been paid to the actors who will breathe new life into classic roles. The new program, “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds“Promises new adventures, with names that will be familiar to even the most” classic “Trek fans.

This includes actress Celia Rose Gooding in the role of Uhura, made famous by Nichelle Nichols. Gooding, a veteran of Broadway, will have the opportunity to shine in all her capacities: actress, singer and dancer.

Ethan Peck es Spock

Ethan Peck, grandson of Hollywood legend Gregory Peck, will take the pointy ears of Leonard Nimoy and bring Mr. Spock back. Yesterday, Peck’s appearance at the Star Trek Day live event was full of excitement, with host Akiva Goldsman on the edge of her seat every time Peck spoke.

When Peck had a chance to speak, he said that “Strange New Worlds” will explore “legacy relationships” from the TOS era. That could mean that something could happen between Spock and Uhura in “Strange New Worlds,” as fans had a chance to see in the JJ Abrams movies.

While the focus was on Peck, an exciting video returned to the public eye. In honor of Star Trek Day, Portland television station KGW unearthed a 1967 interview with the original Mr. Spock.

Leonard Nimoy: from the archive

KGW Vault: Leonard Nimoy talks Spock, Star Trek in 1967Actor Leonard Nimoy who portrayed the now-famous Spock talks with KGW about his new role. The first episode of Star Trek aired on September 8, 1967. Nimoy explains that Spock is a man born of alien and human descent who has complete control over his emotions; a unique look at a character beloved by millions…2021-09-08T20:07:57Z

In the video, Nimoy can be seen sitting at the table of a “professional, albeit uninformed presenter,” he wrote. Destiny Johnson, de KGW. The host asked Nimoy to explain some of the most fundamental parts of Spock’s character as if he had never seen “Star Trek” before.

Nimoy explained that Spock was a half-human, half-Vulcan being who was not used to showing his emotions.

“It’s a challenge, but of course that’s my job, to show emotion or hide it, that’s the job of an actor,” says Nimoy. in the video. “I am often surprised when a man comes to my house and manages to fix a leaking faucet that I have been working on for maybe a couple of hours without doing anything but making it worse, you see? That is their trade. It comes and does it. Mine is to play interesting and unusual characters ”.

An interesting story from Nimoy was how Roddenberry promised to get rid of the pointy ears if the “Star Trek” audience didn’t like them, given that Nimoy didn’t enjoy the 45-minute process he had to go through before each day of filming.

“I approached Gene [Roddenberry], and I asked him to give up the idea of ​​pointy ears, and he said, ‘No, I wouldn’t – we will keep working on this and eventually we will get there,’ ”Nimoy recounted. And he said, ‘I promise you, if you do the show with your ears and after 13 episodes you’re not happy, I’ll write you a script where you have surgery on your ears.’

Nimoy and the ears

Star Trek Into Darkness: Turning Leonard Nimoy into Spock Blu-ray Bonus Feature | ScreenSlamFor more movie news, stories and videos visit: screenslam.com SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/mHkEX9 CHECK OUR MOST VIEWED VIDEOS!: bit.ly/ScreenSlamTopVideos FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: goo.gl/7SoFjW LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: goo.gl/6srxoU FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/screenslam/ #ScreenSlam About ScreenSlam: We are an Entertainment channel that features Hollywood interviews, premieres, behind the scenes of movies & TV, press conferences, award…2013-09-04T19:44:59Z

As the show was on its way to a second season, associate producer Bob Justman told Nimoy that he had found a solution to the ear problem. This story was captured in the book “Star Trek Sketchbook”, according to the fan site TrekToday:

“Before we started the second season, I called Leonard to say that he could fix the ear problem for the entire second season. I said, ‘Leonard, I think I have the solution to the ear problem. You will be able to avoid all that time in makeup. No more discomfort, no more pain, no more problems. You can put on regular makeup and everything will be perfect. ‘

“And he says, ‘Yeah, how is that, Bob?’ And I say, ‘We will send you to a plastic surgeon, and we will stretch your ears. When the series is over, we’ll pay to get them back to normal! ‘”

Nimoy also appeared as Mr. Spock in a parade in Medford, Oregon that same year.

It goes without saying that this never happened. But how Destiny Johnson de KGW he wrote, the character of Nimoy “would become a name known to all, loved and imitated by millions.”

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